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New Means Of Payment: New Risks?


The efficiency with which payments are made is a question bearing a double macroeconomic challenge. First of all, the commercial and financial relations which agents establish must not be hampered or slowed down by obstacles which would oppose the regulations which they imply. It would not be acceptable for a

How to Build a Multi-Channel Marketing

How to Build a Multi-Channel Marketing

The most important thing about any approach going with a go-to-market technique is usually the buyer and the buying process. It is the seller's responsibility to adapt its strategy in such a market space; it's not the market's responsibility in changing to any company. Buying can now be termed as

Should You Register Your Business Offshore?

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What Is an Offshore Company? An offshore company is an institution based outside the country of its company client providing offshore business solutions. Quite simply, a business’ workload is passed on to the institution (offshore company) located outside of the country. When People Register A Company In A Tax Haven, They Aim

Evaluation And Implementation Haccp Of Frozen Tuna Saku

Evaluation And Implementation Haccp Of Frozen Tuna Saku

Abstract Research about evaluation and implementation HACCP document of frozen Saku tuna product Focus at HACCP document evaluation used descriptive qualitative method and quantitative test from level histamine value in fresh tuna were received and pathogen bacterium at freshwater and also a percentage of level improve with the audited result of