Changing your SEO techniques to fit with Google’s webmaster guidelines

March 10, 2016

If there’s one area of the web that is a hotbed of ambiguity, it’s Google’s webmaster guidelines. This section of their support site has been the bane of many a marketing company’s life. Ask five SEO ‘experts’ to read it and give you a summary, and you’ll get five completely different answers. Why is this?

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Why you shouldn’t worry about Google updates

February 26, 2016

Google is constantly updating its algorithm to handle the different ways people search and the type of content they encounter. In order to stay relevant to an ever evolving web, they have to. However, every now and then they perform a major update that has some marketing agencies shaking with fear. These updates have been

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Google Panda makes a slow roll out – is this a change in policy?

October 13, 2015

We seem to have reached a time when massive launches or wholesale updates are no longer fashionable in the tech world. We recently saw the release of Windows 10, apparently the last version of Windows ever. From now on, all updates will be via incremental upgrades and changes, so any new features will all be

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Alphabet Soup – what does the Google Alphabet announcement mean for search?

October 7, 2015

Tech guru and Google founder Larry Page surprised the global media this summer when he informed them that he was establishing a new holding company – Alphabet. This effectively means the restructuring of one of the largest companies in the history of tech (and without doubt one of the world’s recognizable brands). So what does

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Another Google update that puts content in focus

May 29, 2015

There’s no denying that the Google search engine is a spectacular achievement. Its ability to sort through vast amounts of information at blistering speed and index the almost limitless amounts of data on the web is mind blowing. There’s is, however, still a significant problem. They know there’s a problem, and with Google’s performance to

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Still struggling to justify the move to a mobile website?

May 14, 2015

If there’s one thing we can be sure about, it’s that the pace of change in the IT industry and, in particular, the Internet, isn’t going to slow down soon. If you can remember a few years back when Apple released the iPhone, it was entering a marketplace that everyone thought was already completely saturated.

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So you don’t think your B2B website needs to be mobile friendly? Think again…

March 24, 2015

While most B2C consumer-oriented companies have come round to the importance of providing a good user experience on phones and tablets, the B2B technology and engineering sectors have been a little slower. This is partly because many of businesses are yet to consider mobile when developing their websites. It is also down to assumptions that,

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Google may be about to warn people about slow websites

March 13, 2015

Google announced a long time ago that the speed at which your website loads will be a factor that affects its position in the rankings. This makes sense when you consider that they want to give the best experience to their users. If you find a website in the results and when you click on

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Enabling complex B2B sales with content marketing – how to be present in the moments that matter

February 2, 2015

I recently had the honour and privilege of going back to Cranfield University and presenting a keynote lecture to the Strategic Marketing MSc students. One reason why this was so special for me was that only a few years ago I was an MBA student at Cranfield and since then it had been one of

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The press release is dead – long live the press release

December 11, 2014

Press releases have been around for a long time. They used to turn up in paper form on the desks of editors who’d quickly scan through them to find the few that would make it to the magazine or newspaper that day or month. They had to be newsworthy, relevant and timely in order to

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