Pinnacle Marketing Communications is a full service technology PR and digital media agency delivering measurable business-to-business and social media campaigns for clients in the electronics, telecoms and engineering sectors.


  • “Having worked with Pinnacle at my previous company, when the opportunity arose to find a European PR agency for Sandvik it was my first port of call. The technical competencies of Pinnacle’s writers enabled them to quickly grasp our products and applications. Pinnacle has provided us with a complete European PR and advertising package for over nine years.”

    Virginie Geoffrion – Marketing Communication Manager, Sandvik Coromant


  • “Pinnacle has done a wonderful job managing Parker Chomerics’ public relations for over ten years. It has produced excellent PR and technical articles – dramatically increasing our visibility in the electronics press. Not only are they highly professional and knowledgeable people but they are also very pleasant to work with.”

    Marie Perrin – Marketing Services Manager – Parker Chomerics


  • “Pinnacle’s contacts and experience in the embedded systems engineering sector, coupled with the agency’s efficient and dependable organisation, have enabled it to make a major contribution to Green Hills Software’s European PR activity.”

    Christopher Smith – Vice President of Marketing, Green Hills Software, Inc.


  • “Pinnacle’s experience in our sector and knowledge of our target markets significantly simplifies the briefing and planning process. The team is both responsive and proactive, combining sound analysis, intelligent strategy and strong execution to deliver excellent results, time after time.”

    Arrow Electronics EMEA Corporate Communications Team


  • “Pinnacle is one of the best PR firms I have ever worked with in terms of their quality work, strong media relations, technology-savvy and excellent writing capability.  They are a key PR partner for Integrated Device Technology and have helped us increase our visibility in Europe. I strongly recommend Pinnacle!”

    Sue Kim – Worldwide Corporate Communications Manager, Integrated Device Technology


  •  “Pinnacle’s creativity, expertise and guidance have proved invaluable to Toshiba. Its team is proactive and delivers excellent results that squeeze the maximum ROI from our campaigns.”

    Henning Rausch – Senior Manager, Strategic Marketing,
    Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH


  • “Pinnacle Marketing Communications has earned the trust of our technical staff and marketing team, through their deep understanding of our industry, applications, and products. Their proactive engagement identifies and delivers content marketing assets, that are timely and relevant to our target audience. After a multi-year relationship, they continue to be a valued partner.”

    Eric Glatfelter – Senior Manager, Marketing Programs, ON Semiconductor

    ON Semi LOGO

  • “Pinnacle’s staff members have a much stronger technical knowledge than those of other PR agencies, allowing them to create more compelling content. As a result the material produced gets far greater industry exposure, maximizing our investment. One of Pinnacle’s strengths is that we only have to give the minimum amount of input to the account team, for them to produce copy for us. We can simply brief them over the phone and they take it from there.”

    Kathryn Williams – Marketing Manager, Livingston




在我以前的博客文章——《在展览会上你不应该做的五件事(five things you should never do at a trade show)》成功后,我收到了很多来信,要求我列出我认为在展览会上应该做的五件事。 将这些建议限制到“前五”颇具挑战性。世上没有万全之策,因为最适合销售手机配件的中小型公司的方法,可能并不会成为那些每天都在改变世界的大公司的最佳选择,反之亦然。我们不希望把风马牛不相及的事物硬凑在一起作比较,但也有一些情况对于任何的高科技公司来说都适用,而无论他们的规模或者预算有多大。 获得贵公司应有的媒体关注!向相关记者发出媒体通知,宣布你将出席展会。去找你公关公司的人来为你安排几场会议。之所以你会去那里,是因为你有事情想要对世界说,那就去用喇叭,去帮助那些友好的记者找点东西写吧。你得到的媒体关注越多,展会对你来说也就越成功。 如果由于某种原因你没有达成想要的预约会议,那就尽量出席记者活动。这些活动几乎在每场主要的消费技术展览会上都会举办,并且会有某个地区内的著名媒体代表前来出席。甚至是有些极负盛名的公司,他们拒绝参加展览会而只是参加新闻活动,例如ShowStoppers和Pepcom,他们在那儿可以见到那些他们想要在一晚上就能够触及到百万观众的所有的专业认证记者和产业分析师。 与社交媒体上的人们建立密切联系并参加讨论。请记住,如果展会上有几千个人参加,那就有几万个人未能参加。不要将他们置之度外!保持在你的社交媒体渠道上发布新闻,与记者保持联系,并尽可能地积极主动。没有去展会的人会觉察到你的努力。他们是你的最终潜在买家,以及在网上紧跟你脚步的人。不要让他们失望! 根据你想吸引的目标观众来雇佣合适员工。带上那些在展示你产品时会吸引积极关注的人。根据你想建立密切联系的观众来雇人,并请记住,他们会的语言越多越好。 很多人都乐于向你做出保证,但保证的事情发生起来可能并不会像你所希望的那样容易。收集你所交谈过的那些人的所有资料,并在展会结束后立即与他们建立密切联系。你等待的时间越长,他们就越有可能忘记曾与你交谈。此外,在你的会议期间和会后都要做好笔记! 希望你认为这个信息有用。如果你想知道什么不该去做,那就去看看我写的《在展览会上你不应该做的五件事(five things you should never do at a trade show)》吧。 如果你想要最大限度地利用你的展会出席,请不要犹豫去联系我们。我们可以提供帮助。

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