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3 Fascinating Technologies for Gambling

3 Fascinating Technologies for Gambling

The vast increase in new technology in gambling has made it easier and safer for players to wager online. Because consumers are increasingly confident about their security and safety in online casinos, online casino operators have stepped up their investments in online gambling technology innovations – players today are much more likely to try out new developments because they feel safer in online environments than ever before.

Guest author Lucas Goldberg looks at three innovative technologies that have played a major role in influencing the global gambling market. To find out more about Lucas Goldberg, click here.

The latest changes in gaming technology have directly impacted the online gambling industry more than the land-based casino market. Online casino operators have had to adapt quickly to be relevant in this fast-changing gaming market.

One major example of this is the emergence of Bitcoin casinos, which bypasses the traditional limitations of online casinos. Bitcoin casinos have almost no processing times for transactions, and do away with banking minimums and maximums, lowering the bar for newer players to gamble online.

If you look at the Canadian market, you can clearly see how blockchain technology and the popularity of Bitcoin has impacted online casinos in Canada. If you are looking for a top Canadian online casino that has embraced the latest technology and innovations in the market, look no further than Woo Casino.

The gambling industry has taken its cue from the conventional video gaming industry. Massive change is the only way to describe how technology has changed video games. In previous decades, video games were accessible only through gaming consoles, limiting their reach on consumers. Now, with high-quality games available on smartphones and tablets, almost everyone plays at least one game in their spare time.

We take a look at three of the most promising instances of new gaming technology 2021 will bring to the online casino space:

1. Seamless Mobile Gaming Experience

Though many of us take it for granted today, there was a time when mobile gaming was the hottest innovation in town. It is undeniably one of the keys that allowed gaming to break into the mainstream.

In the online casino world, mobile casinos are now becoming the norm. Gone are the days when players would hunker down in front of their computer screens, spending hours watching the reels spin.

While gambling can be a fun and rewarding activity for most people, it can’t be denied that some people need controls to limit their gambling from interfering in their daily lives.

You don’t have to lose your job or your friends for gambling to adversely impact your life; it can be as simple as not wanting to go outside or skipping meals because you feel a hot streak coming on.

Mobile gaming can help ease these issues by offering more convenient access to casino games. You no longer have to be tied down to your computer to play slots. You can just go about your normal life, and play a few spins when you find yourself with nothing to do.

Many online casinos today have mobile casinos, though a select few are optimized to fit all devices at all times. We expect 2021 to bring more optimized mobile casinos to capture a large slice of the mobile gambling market, creating a more seamless gaming experience for casual and hardcore players alike.

2. Virtual (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Both technologies intensify the feelings of engagement among players by making them perceive the game environment as indistinguishable from their actual environments. Piloting a spaceship in conventional video games is thrilling, sure, but it pales next to feeling as if you are actually piloting a spaceship in real life.

This feeling can be created by VR and AR technologies in players. Instead of pressing a button to shift your view, you can simply look to the left, using VR or AR headsets that register your every move and port it into your game.

No one really knows how the online casino world will make use of this technology. If you ask us, one great way of doing this would be to add more immersive qualities to the live casino game experience. Casino games that are fun to play in groups, such as craps or roulette, would especially benefit from VR and AR innovations.

3. Cryptocurrencies

Gamblers who have shied away from online casinos generally point to fears about privacy and safety. With the rise of cryptocurrencies in the online casino industry, these fears no longer have any reason to exist.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin allow players to evade the pitfalls commonly associated with gambling online. You will no longer have to submit credit card authorization forms or endure spotty payment method support. The privacy and security afforded by cryptocurrencies help you in gaming responsibly, in peace.


Expect these gaming technologies to continue to play a massive role in redefining and reshaping the way online casinos do business.