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3 Reasons Why Body-Shaping Swimwear Is Worth the Hype

3 Reasons Why Body-Shaping Swimwear Is Worth the Hype

Whether your goal is to look slimmer or highlight your curves, shapewear is a great way to emphasise your body type. From helping improve your posture to increasing muscle tone, there are tons of benefits to donning shapewear — not to mention the instant confidence boost you can get from looking good. Good shapewear is made of elastic and highly durable fabric that should embrace your body and enhance your proportions without making you look uncomfortable.

What Designs Can You Choose From?

Shaping swimwear comes in many styles and designs. Most of them can look just like the regular swimsuits and bikinis you can see at the beach, but with a little more skin cover to provide extra support. To dress for a slimmer shape, you can opt for styles like one-pieces, halters, bandeaus, tankinis, swim dresses, plunge cuts, tanks or high necks. These creative designs are also helpful for covering up stretch marks and other areas you might not want to show off without making you look too overdressed for the pool. Wearing shaping swimwear to your next beach outing can help you have fun without feeling self-conscious. Many brands out there also offer fun and exciting swimwear designs like plaids and checkers or animal prints in different patterns and colours — so it should be easy to find a suit that can best express your style.

What Fabric Is Shapewear Made of, and Is It Safe?

One remarkable thing about body shaping swimwear is that many fashion brands are making it a point to practice sustainability. Many manufacturers now favour fabric from recycled materials such as nylon, the material is given a second life from consumer waste.

Swimwear brands that value sustainability has increased tenfold in the past few years in a bid to not only draw consumer attention but also contribute to minimising pollution.

The most popular sustainable fabrics are econyl, soul eco, reprieve, and hemp. Contrary to popular belief, recycled fabric is not necessarily brittle. Thanks to innovation, these fabrics commonly used in shapewear were developed to be durable, comfortable and functional. Much of the shaping swimwear you can easily find online also boast anti-microbial properties and resistance to ultraviolet (UV) rays, perfect for days on the beach under the sun. Organic methods are preferred over chemical treatments to make sure that the manufacturing process is sustainable and eco-friendly.

Are They Really for All Body Types?

Shaping swimwear is for everyone, regardless of their body type. Whether you have a full or small bust, and whether you’re petite or plus-sized, there should be several styles and designs out there that can flatter your shape.

It’s an important value for brands that design and manufacture shapewear that they do not sacrifice fashion over function. With respect to your fashion sense and body type, finding a design that can help you look and feel good is bound to boost your confidence.

The bottom line is that the key to looking good is to embrace your body. And don’t be afraid to unleash your fashionable and creative side. Shaping swimwear isn’t designed to completely transform you but help you show off the assets you’re proud of and help you feel comfortable in your skin. You shouldn’t feel like you have to change yourself – after all, we are all unique, and unique is always perfect.