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6 steps to Increase your Ecommerce Sales

6 steps to Increase your Ecommerce Sales

More than 2 billion people used online shopping in 2018. This is 60% of the Internet audience. This is the opinion of an expert in the field of Internet marketing management, Mikhriniso Nigmatullina. In a column for MC Today, she talked about how to keep the attention of online store customers and how to reduce their bounce rate.

You can also use a Fulfillment Expert service for your customers to make them feel more satisfied about their orders.

When working with online stores, I often come across questions about how you can improve them. How to make them more enticing for the buyer, which will bring more sales, brand loyalty, and increase visiting traffic. Here are some tried and tested ways to take note of.

Earn Trust

Not everyone who visits the site is ready to buy something. Many of them are on the site for the first time and will hesitate when buying. At this point, it is important for us to establish contact with a potential buyer in order to transfer him from the early stage of the buying cycle to the final decision. One of the best ways to do this is to ask your site visitors for their email address first.

Create a Unique Offer

Remember, your offer must be the tastiest on the market. Today, this is the first thing the user pays attention to. The consumer always compares prices and chooses the most advantageous offer. Success guaranteed – Offering a discount to your first customer.

An excellent example of this is the online clothing store Kasta. When you visit the site, an offer for registration and a discount on the first purchase pops up:

6 Ways to Boost Your eCommerce Sales Fast


Thanks to this tool, Internet companies can collect over 700 additional emails per month. And 70 people from those who left their e-mail made an order (the conversion from letter to purchase was 10.5%).

Use Quality Content

When shopping online, people rely on the product images on the site. They definitely want to understand that the money they are going to spend is worth it.

To solve this problem, the online store of electronic goods Comfy prepares detailed information about the product: from the description of the material to the detailed characteristics of the product.

Do not forget to use video content, this will help increase the average time spent on the site and convince the buyer that this or that item will definitely suit him.


We experimented with clients by adding video content to the description. We noticed that after the video presentation of the product, online sales grew by 44%. And 85% of those who watched the videos stay on the site for 2 minutes longer.

Prevent Risk

Another common reason people leave a website without buying is fear that the product will not fit, disappoint, or be damaged in transit.

Eliminate these risks. For example, tell us about the size of the product model. Make returns easy and free. Offer free shipping and product warranty. And also enter the telephone hotline to contact the customer with the store.