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Aesthetic Procedures

Aesthetic Procedures

Aesthetic procedures help people achieve the desired facial appearance and physique. Within the framework of these treatments, aesthetic costs such as rhinoplasty, breast lift and liposuction are performed.

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Rhinoplasty Applications

Rhinoplasty, which is included in aesthetic procedures, is usually performed due to aesthetic concerns. It can be done in the correction of birth defect, as well as solutions for disorders that occur due to injury.

In addition, without being limited to these, treatment for respiratory difficulties can also be performed. Rhinoplasty, which can be performed with both open and closed techniques, is performed under general anaesthesia. Thus, it is a pain-free procedure.

Breast Lift

Appearance is important for every woman. Many women today are dissatisfied with the shape of their breasts. Breast lifting, which comes into play here, offers solutions to them.

In this application, which is performed under general anaesthesia, the desired results are obtained by shaping the breast tissue.

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Many people can benefit from these applications today. It is possible to achieve the appearance you want in a short time with breast lift, which is among the aesthetic procedures.


Many men and women today experience weight problems. The reasons for this are quite different. There are many reasons, from wrong eating habits to illness.

People who have this problem often wonder how they can get rid of their excess weight. If weight loss methods and diet do not produce results, you can easily achieve the appearance you want with Liposuction, which is among the aesthetic procedures.

These applications can be applied to anyone over the age of 18 without any problems. However, before the surgery, patients are examined to see if there is a problem.