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Astiora Delivers Mail Worldwide

Mail Worldwide

Relocating to another country, doing some online shopping from aboard or just always on the go can lead to concerns about how to get mail or packages without jumping through hoops.

Mail forwarding service is the solution.

There is no need to worry anymore about not receiving important mail or packages because you are away from home. A mail forwarding service provider allows individuals and business owners to collect their mail and packages where they want, even if they are motoring cross country or on a year’s sabbatical in the Galapagos Islands checking out the giant tortoise.

Folks tend to need mail forwarding service when they are away from home for a long time, or when their mailing address is a good distance from where they live or work. The service is also a boon to families with a second home, RV owners out on the road for long stretches, or ex-pats working or living for an extended period in another country.

And it’s a money-making proposition for business owners who get mail in several locations and want to take advantage of mail forwarding service. This not only creates an efficient operation but eliminates the cost of sending a staff member to multiple locations to collect mail and packages. It’s a lot more convenient when all the mail and packages are corralled at a central location.

First-Class Service

Mail forwarding is the flagship service of Astiora, a subsidiary of K&J Enterprises. The order fulfillment provider has been handling mail and packages for customers for years and offers overseas customers a cost-effective way to take advantage of the low prices on U.S. online shopping sites.

This is how the company’s program works:

  • Sign up for an online account
  • Select the monthly services plan desired
  • Get an address from the fulfillment supplier to use for package and mail deliveries

Overseas customers who love shopping can sit back and buy, buy, buy from shopping sites in the U.S. No frustration required because online international shipping restrictions that hobble retailers are removed from the process.

Mail Worldwide

And the best part is that any business located outside the United States can use the forwarding service to build a presence in an international market. The service allows the business to leave the impression that their business has a physical presence in the U.S.

 Flexible Forwarding Service

Forwarding plans are available through a month-to-month program and can be a short-time commitment or extended one for customers.

Customers get access to a secure online portal from where they can manage their accounts, get up-to-the-minute status reports, check balances, make payments and changes to subscriptions.

Access can be enjoyed 23/7 with a connection to the internet. All information a customer needs is available on the website.

Mail forwarding service plans start at $19.95 a month and service can be suspended or canceled with no penalty to customers.

Protecting customer privacy is important to Astiora. “Our IT Department works closely with our Security Department to find the best and most reliable methods and technology to ensure all of your information is protected and secure,” the company states on its website at