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Backlit Trade Show Displays- The Hottest Trend in The Industry

Backlit Trade Show Displays- The Hottest Trend in The Industry

Why Small Trade Show Displays are Essential?

Backlit graphics and printed signage have long been a popular way to advertise. You’ve seen them in retail stores, eye-catching POP displays, dazzling trade show exhibitions, and Out-Of-Home advertising locations such as airports, casinos, hotels, transit shelters, and shopping malls. When competing for attention in a busy expo hall, even the tiniest detail can make a big difference. At your next trade fair, backlit trade show displays from Expo Marketing can make the difference between a high-traffic presence and a low-traffic presence. Backlit displays provide your brand message a more appealing and captivating image, effectively showcasing your products and services while persuading potential clients to visit your booth.

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Choosing a Display

The display you choose is incredibly important. This serves as your identification in the sense that the firm logo will be mounted on it. Keep in mind that just because your booth is showy does not mean you will be successful. However, because it is one of the primary components, it can help. The exhibitor user is at the heart of our Radiant backlit display solution. Without the use of any tools, these backlit trade fair displays may be put together. Backlit displays are available in a variety of custom-designed cases and are simple to locate and keep organized. Even one person can assemble many of our Radiant backlit trade show displays A high-quality aluminium frame supports the illuminated trade show display, making the entire system light and portable. Backlit trade show booths can also be delivered through UPS.

Simply because the illuminated backlit cloth display graphics pop out and look great! A bright backlit image at your booth is the most effective technique to catch a prospect’s attention. Our Backlit Display also has clean lines that will give your booth a very modern and attractive appearance.

Features of Backlit Popup Display:

  • Trivial SEG Pop Up design that is much more effective to pack and ship than traditional extrusion systems.
  • LustraWeave SEG Graphics gives the appearance of a solid fabric wall from edge to edge.
  • A vivid fabric display is made possible by stunning high-resolution fabric graphics.
  • This portable trade show booth’s interchangeable graphics are simple to attach and replace out.
  • The frame of the popup booth collapses fast and simply.
  • Our ultra-durable military-grade aluminum frames are available in Pearl White with optional support feet.
  • LCD Monitor Mounts and Shelving are available as options.

Radiant displays are especially common with backlit counters. Backlighting is available on many Radiant counters. These backlit alternatives complement your backlit trade show display perfectly. Counters with graphics that aren’t backlit are also available. Counters provide lockable storage, a fantastic area to engage with consumers, and they look great in your exhibit. Many of the counters have monitor mounts, allowing you to exhibit your multimedia display in a convenient location. Options such as case-to-counter are also quite common. These case to counter choices are custom-designed storage cases that can accommodate a whole backlit display before being turned into a counter once it’s set up.

Showcasing With Trade Show Displays

Trade show exhibits are a certain method to demonstrate to the business community and your target market that you are more than prepared to deal with anyone, so don’t overlook them. Aside from this possibility, you’ll almost probably have to spend a portion of your marketing budget to pull off such a prank. Another significant reason to ensure that your efforts are not in vain is because of this. Our Backlit fabric displays are not expensive and complex to install. In only a few minutes, our backlit display wall is up and running. It makes use of a tool-free pop-up booth design. Sewn-on SEG strips make it simple to install full-color dye sublimation illuminated graphics.