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Best Braodband Fiber Internet Provider in Italy

Best Braodband Fiber Internet Provider in Italy

We will help you discover the best fiber internet offers in this article. Broadband internet has evolved darammatically in a past few years and now we have fiber.  Are you struggling in finding the best fiber connection near your office or home? If yes, then  say goodbye to all those struggles and get started with Internet Casa.

What Does The Fiber Service Include

Internet offers without 1 Giga telephone and wifi router on loan for free for the duration of your subscription at a very competitive price.

In a sea of fiber offers and ADSL offers, choose the versatile answer to satisfy every connectivity need: unlimited browsing with the ADSL home offer without a telephone . You too can choose the FibeRevolution fiber service: 1 Giga fiber offer in download and up to 200 Mbps in upload.

If you choose the FibeRevolution “internet + voice” option with calls included at 0 cents / minute to everyone.

Using the most advanced technologies and recent innovations in the field of networks, offers services and solutions capable of guaranteeing individuals and small / medium-sized companies the development and optimization of their telecommunications solutions. Whether you are a private individual or a professional, you will find the most suitable solution among the many internet offers designed for you.

Optical Fiber: The Ultra-Wide Band

Let’s answer the question: what is optical fiber? Optical fiber is a type of terrestrial connection based on the use of glass fiber cables capable of transmitting optical signals. The flexible cables used in optical fiber have particular advantages, such as being completely immune to electrical disturbances and not very sensitive to changes in temperature.

Compared to ADSL, optical fiber can reach higher transmission speeds, up to and over 1 Giga, and for this reason it is also known as ultra-broadband.

Another element that distinguishes optical fiber from ADSL is the symmetrical transmission of the signal. This implies the same bandwidth for both download and upload.

By virtue of this technical characteristic, optical fiber is used as a transmission medium for optical signals over large distances via a transport network and in the provision of ultra-broadband wired network accesses.

How Does the Optical Fiber work?

The fiber optic coverage, in addition to being anything but homogeneous on the national territory, generally starts from the reference exchange and arrives at the distribution cabinet (ARL) only in its primary telephone section. The distribution cabinet, also called distribution cabinet, is a cabinet about 2 meters high, designed to interconnect the primary telephone line (from the telephone exchange to the cabinet) and the secondary telephone line (from the cabinet to the user).

In this case, the fiber optic connection is indicated by the acronym FTTC, from the English Fiber To The Cabinet.

The section of secondary telephone line, the one that goes from the closet to the home, is still covered, in most cases. In the event that the entire route, both the primary telephone and the secondary telephone, is covered by optical fiber, the meaning FTTH is used, from the English Fiber To The Home. With FTTH, the fiber connection reaches the user’s private home.

FTTC and FTTH connectivity are both considered ultra-broadband technologies