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Can I Increase Instagram Engagement if I Buy Likes?

Can I Increase Instagram Engagement if I Buy Likes

If you’ve asked yourself, “Why is my IG engagement so low?” you aren’t alone, as many people struggle with the same. There are many methods you can use to increase engagement on your IG.

Here, we’ll discuss how to calculate engagement and how to increase engagement on Insta. One of the methods is to buy likes.

How to Calculate Instagram Engagement Rate

To calculate the engagement rate, you’ll need to add the number of likes and comments for the past month. Then, divide the sum by the number of followers. Finally, multiply with 100 to get the percentage.

As a standard, between 1-3.5 percent is considered a good engagement rate, while a high engagement rate is anything above that.

Several factors influence the engagement rate on IG. For example, what time do you post? How often do you post? How many followers do you have?

How to Increase Engagement on Instagram

Here are the different methods you can use to increase your IG engagement.

● Create Content Your Audience Likes

If you want to encourage people to engage with your content, it’s important to create content they resonate with. To help you determine the type of content to post, look at your audience’s demographics. For example, the youth want to see graphics, memes, GIFs, and other humorous content.

● Use Videos

Instagram posts with videos receive 38% more engagement than those that don’t have. Videos are so engaging that they’ll attract people to your content. The more engagement you receive, the more visibility you’ll get on the platform.

● Make use of Captions

Captions tell your followers what your post is about. You can use up to 2,200 characters in your caption and as many as 30 hashtags in one post. Use hashtags relevant to your niche so that your content reaches people who have similar interests. Using the search bar, type anything related to your subject and see what hashtags other people use.

● Make use of Instagram Lives

The youth would rather watch an Instagram live than read a post. Now go ahead and give them what they want. Engage your audience by going live where you answer their questions, appreciate them by name, and tell them about your brand.

● Respond to Comments

Your followers will be more willing to comment or like your posts if they know you’ll respond to them. Other users may also comment so that they get a reply from you. Engagement is two-way traffic, and you get what you give. Find time to respond to comments on your posts no matter how busy your schedule is. Alternatively, hire a social media manager.

● Consistency pays

You need to update your feed with fresh posts constantly. Create a schedule for your posts so that your audiences know when to expect something new. While at it, it’s also crucial to consider the timings of your posts. Depending on the location of your audiences, target those times when you know they are most active.

● Buy Likes

Buying Instagram likes is the other method of increasing engagement. As noted above, the number of likes determines the engagement rates. When buying likes, only buy from legit sellers to avoid getting scammed. We are the best Instagram likes dealers around!

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