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Clean Cut: A Few Tips to Remember Before You Go Through with Laser Hair Removal

Clean Cut: A Few Tips to Remember Before You Go Through with Laser Hair Removal

Imagine this, you have a hot dinner date, and you want to look your best, or you have a work interview and want to look the part, or maybe you just won’t change. For whatever reason it may be, you are here right now reading this. Surely laser hair removal has crossed your mind at least once or twice in your lifetime, and you’ve considered trying it out. If you can do so, what is stopping you? If you want to doll yourself up and remove unwanted hair from your body, then go for it.

Removing unwanted hair is yours to choose to do. If you want to go through the process, then there are things you have to remember. Undergoing such a process requires dedication and confidence and a whole lot of other things as well. Below are just a few things to note if you finally decide to have the treatment done.

Shave Before Going

Before anything else and before the actual treatment commences, you need to shave the areas you want to have the treatment done 24 hours before. Tweezing or waxing are not advisable as the pigment in the area is what the laser will most likely target, and if that part is gone, then the laser treatment will not work at all. The roots need to be present to avoid wasting both of the time.

Listen to Your Dermatologist

The doctor is always right. Since you’ll be doing something to your skin, then follow what the dermatologist tells you to do. If the dermatologist tells you to bathe first before undergoing treatment and not use any lotions or creams, you must follow what he says. He is a trained professional and is an expert in the field. However, you can always get a second opinion if you do not trust the first one.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Despite it being annoying and in the way at times, your body hair serves a purpose. It helps block out the harmful rays of the sun from directly making contact with your skin and causing infections that you don’t want. It is best to keep sunscreen with you and apply it on your skin when you have no choice but to go out into the blazing heat. As much as possible, you have to avoid the sun at all cost. You wouldn’t want sunburns or rashes to come up due to carelessness. Follow what the dermatologist says and keep your skin safe from harm.

Get Ready for Some Swelling

Swelling after the treatment is normal, and you could feel it in the treated areas for a while. Do not worry; it will go away eventually. This swelling is referred to as perifollicular edema and indicates that the process was successful. Be careful not to irritate that patch of skin, or it may get infected. The swelling usually lasts for at most 48 hours.  If it persists longer, then try using some cream or gel for swelling that is recommended by your dermatologist

For whatever occasion, whether it be a date, a job interview or even just a day you want to pamper yourself, getting laser hair removal might be what you’re looking for. Of course, helpful things to take note of like shaving before treatment or no exposure to the sun for a while is a good thing to remember for having no regrets in the process. It’s never too late to try something new, and if this is what you want to try, go for it.