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Essential Features of a Good Email Marketing Service for an Online Store

Essential Features of a Good Email Marketing Service for an Online Store


Email marketing is effective if statistics are anything to go by. It’s estimated that 21% of targeted customers open their emails within the first hour of delivery. This explains why it’s popular in use by online store marketers.You will get top service providers if you search shopify email marketing. However, you need a good email marketing service provider to enjoy that success rate. To get such a platform, check the essential features below to identify the one you can integrate with your online store.

Contact List Management

For starters, you need an email marketing service with seamless contact management. You should check if the platform can automatically add your eCommerce store customers to the email list without your input. A good email marketing service will not require you to export or import CSV files or add the contact manually, which can get corrupted. Additionally, this software should store the contact details in one secure place.

Email Scheduling

Marketing requires different emails at different stages of a buyer’s journey and when there is a new promotion. You need to check if the email marketing software has a scheduling feature. The feature can allow you to preset the emails and automatically send them to your list at the appropriate time. This feature will not only help you send all some important emails at the most appropriate time but also save you time.

Tagging and List Segmenting

Ecommerce customers differ in what they want and are interested in. It would be best if you send emails addressing the customers’ needs. To do that, you must tag and segment the email list. Therefore, you should check if email marketing software has this feature. It can separate the emails by tagging the customers according to the service, product, or freebie they are interested in.

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Performance Metrics

Performance metrics will help you determine if your marketing campaign failed or succeeded. The best way to know that is by checking the email marketing platform analytics. Therefore, it will help to check if the software has this feature when choosing a good one for your eCommerce store. The best ones present this information in easy to understand way, which goes a long way in strategizing your next marketing campaign well.

Pre-Built Templates

Email marketing can be overwhelming, especially if copyrighting and general marketing isn’t your forte. Fortunately, good email marketing software will come with pre-built templates that you can customize to suit your marketing needs. These templates are designed by professional copyrighters, making them suitable as they talk to your customer, provided you edit them accordingly. The templates can help you scale your business due to high conversion rates.

Integration with Third-Party Applications

You might want to integrate email marketing software with third-party social media platforms and SMS applications. It will help if it can integrate so that you can expand your marketing base. And while at it, check if the software is easy to use even with the additional platforms.


Marketing your eCommerce store using email is undoubtedly efficient. However, you need email marketing software you can get online using search terms like shopify email marketing. This search will give you numerous email marketing service providers. It would be best if you check the features you have read here to determine the best one that you can successfully use.