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Exante for Private Investors

Exante for Private Investors

Exante is a leading investment firm that has offices internationally. The company holds over $60 million in equity and $1.6 billion in assets under management (AUM). With over a decade of experience in the financial sector, Exante is there to help traders make the most out of their trading experience. Here, in this Exante broker review, we take a look at Exante’s Private Investor account, the features it has, and what it provides to clients. Be sure to keep reading to learn more.

Overview of Private Investor Accounts

The Private Investor accounts are an all-in-one trading platform, which allows investors to trade assets without switching between multiple accounts. They provide a range of instruments and markets available from day one. The platform is also very intuitive, letting users make trades immediately right from their Chart. They also have the option of arranging modules at their convenience and switching between light and dark colour schemes. This creates a level of personalisation that is rare in most trading platforms.

On the whole, the platform is easy to use, with no steep learning curve or adjustment required. In fact, all instructions are there for traders out of the box.

Direct Market Access

The great thing about Exante is that it provides clients with direct market access to over 600,000 assets in over 50 global markets. With their direct market access solution, traders can immediately place orders directly on an exchange and always have them executed at the best possible price. By using Exante’s charts, traders can visualise their data clearly and see the big picture of how the market is performing, allowing them to make better data-driven decisions.

When it comes to order routing, Exante makes sure it is very simple and straightforward. Traders first submit an order through the trading platform. Then, the order is immediately directed to an exchange. If the order ends up being accepted, it is placed and filled at the exchange. This process does not require any interference from the trader.

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Bond Screener

Private investors have access to high-yield private placement bonds, hedging and margin trading. These high-yield bonds are often unavailable in the general market. Some top-tier bonds available include US Corporate/Government, European Corporate/Government, and Euronext bonds, to name a few. In fact, there are up to 400,000 bonds worldwide on demand that traders can access, in both developed and emerging markets. Exante will even go the extra mile and add more offerings from exotic markets upon a client’s request.

Exante further provides a Bond Screener in their trading platform to let traders pick the best bonds possible. You can use the tool to screen up to 300 bonds from the same window. The Bond Screener also allows traders to filter the assets, with parameters such as bid size, ask size, quote time, limit down, session open, maturity date, daily volume and more.

The investment firm will even perform an individual risk assessment on clients. Based on the results, they may provide financing equivalent to open ate repo with variable interest for borrowed cash. If you have any questions, you can also talk with your dedicated account manager whom Exante provides for every single customer from day one.

Compliance And Audits

Exante’s clients can rest well knowing that the firm is regulated in all locations where it has offices in. In Malta, where Exante is headquartered, it is licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. This means the firm is allowed to provide financial services to both corporate and retail clients, for both investing and trading purposes.

In Hong Kong, Exante is licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission, while in the UK, it is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. In Cyprus, the investment firm is licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. Additionally, as an EU-based investment firm, Exante is also subject to MiFID II requirements.

This means in order to adhere to the MiFID II directive, Exante segregates its own assets from that of the client’s assets. Moreover, customer funds are securely stored in separate accounts with large global banks. This makes Exante incredibly reputable and trustworthy, and investors no longer need to worry about the security of their assets and funds.

With all these licenses, clients of Exante are free to choose the jurisdiction that best fits their trading requirements. Additionally, Exante also regularly undergoes audits by a Big Four company.

Customer Care

Exante prides itself on its high-quality customer care. Their support team is available 24/7 around the clock for any kind of questions. Clients can reach them through the phone, email, or chat. If English is not your first language, do not worry. Exante also provides multi-language support in German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and more. According to the official website, the company guarantees that it will respond in under three minutes after they have received a receipt for a query.