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Four Ways To Save On Household Costs

Household Costs

Saving money and living within your means is a smart way to live and manage your finances. Cutting down on costs and saving could improve your lifestyle, or provide investment opportunities for the future. Saving on household costs might be the difference between getting through each month, or needing to get a same day loans in NZ – even though they’re a lifeline for thousands of people. Here are four ways you could save on household costs, all year round.

New Zealand winters get very cold. It’s surprising what a difference a few degrees make when the temperature drops. During winter, you need to keep your house warm. However, you don’t need to run your thermostat at its highest setting to be comfortable. Set the thermostat a few degrees lower than usual. The bite of the cold will disappear, yet you won’t feel the difference in temperature; however, your energy bill will show how much money a few degrees do save.

During the summer months, you can use the same strategy. Turn your cooling up a few notches, and you’ll be saving a substantial amount of money, without suffering through the heat and humidity of the reason.

  •   Use Alternatives For Heating And Cooling

Energy costs rise every year, which means that you need to find alternative ways to manage the temperature in your home. If you want to save money on your energy usage and become more environmentally friendly, try changing how you heat and cool your house every year, so you’re less dependent on your central heating and cooling.

Try turning the heating off after the house is warm enough. Houses are insulated, which means that once the inside is warm enough, the heat should be retained. Use extra blankets, jerseys, and drink hot beverages. During summer, spend more time in the shade, swimming, and using fans instead of air conditioning systems.

  •   Unplug Appliances When You’re Not Using Them

How many appliances do you own? The average kitchen could have up to ten of them plugged in, all of which might not be used every day. When you’re finished using the toaster, slow cooker or panini press, unplug it. When the appliance is off, there is still a minor surge of current running through it, which means that appliances are still taking in energy, without being used.

Unplugging appliances around the house when they’re not in use will not only keep them looking newer for longer but also reduce your energy usage.

  •   Be Water-Wise

It’s easy to use more water than necessary when you can’t visualise how much water is running through your drains every day. Conserving water, and making a conscious effort to be more water-wise will lower your utility bills, and promote environmentally friendly living. You don’t need to use your grey water or limit yourself to a certain number of litres per day; however, you can introduce small changes that will make a significant difference.

Rinse more dishes in the sink together instead of one at a time, limit your showers to ten minutes long, and turn the tap off when you’re brushing your teeth. These small changes will become habits in time, and you’ll save money, conserve water, and become a more environmentally friendly household.


It might not seem like you’re making a difference when you make these changes; however, every bit counts. You’ll see significant savings after a few months. Save the money and use it for your future, or put it back into your home to pay for repairs and maintenance contractors. You could even use it as an emergency savings fund.

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