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Glasses Trending in 2021

Glasses Trending in 2021

With so many people well and truly fed up with 2020, we must admit the year taught us a few lessons. One was to look after our health, and another was to cheer ourselves up when times are tough. Buying a new pair of affordable yet totally show-stopping eyeglasses can do just that. So here is a guide to inspire your next pair of fashionable frames. Welcome to 2021, a year for a fresh start with fresh frames!

SmartBuyGlasses is the top recommended place to find the world’s top eyewear brands, as well as cheaper options that don’t compromise on quality or style. Technological innovations at SmartBuyGlasses serve to make the online shopping experience even easier, with their Virtual Try-On tool and blue light blocking glasses. Here are some of the coolest frames that will not only be trending in 2021, but in the years to come too.

Oversized Aviators – SmartBuy Collection Tempe

An interesting twist on the classic pilot shape style is highly recommended for your 2021 eyewear collection. These metal aviator eyeglasses from the SmartBuy Collection will brighten up your look without breaking the bank. Plus, they are bound to last you for years to come as they are so durable. Wondering if they would suit you? Use SmartBuyGlasses’s brilliant Virtual Try-on tool to take a selfie video and envisage the frames on you without moving a muscle!

Blue Light Glasses – Arise Collective Cameron Blue Light

2020 was undoubtedly the year of increased screen time. With endless lockdowns, we were either studying, working, or relaxing in front of a screen. A fun but hard-hitting fact is that over-exposure to blue light-emitting devices like phones, laptops and televisions can prematurely age your eyes and potentially lead to long term vision problems? These blue light glasses from the Arise Collective protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light rays. Transparent frames like these are all the rage in fashion this year as they are versatile and match a whole host of outfits.

Bright & Colourful Frames – SmartBuy Collection Laurie

If you are partial to a more neutral colour scheme in your wardrobe, these frames are perfecting for adding a pop of colour to your outfits. One of the most interesting things about coloured frames is that they can make you and your get-up more memorable! With these SmartBuy Collection Laurie frames, you can splash out on multiple coloured frames as these glasses cost less than a tenner!

Round Metals – SmartBuy Collection Goold

These are pretty neat right? They are the perfect pair of affordable frames to make it look like you’re wearing designer frames, but without the designer price tag. With SmartBuyGlasses, low cost doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. These round metal eyeglasses are trending big time, so get ready to show yours off the minute we break free of lockdown!

Elegant Reading Glasses – SmartBuy Readers Elvi

Tired of boring reading glasses? This year, freshen up the idea with a brand new pair of SmartBuy Readers. The need to read can occur at any moment, so be prepared, and look great while doing it! Wow your friends and family with a truly elegant pair of specs,

like these tortoiseshell glasses from the SmartBuy Collection. They are bound to keep the compliments coming all day long, whether you’re dining out or cuddled up on the sofa.

Visit SmartBuyGlasses for endless high quality, stylish frames. And while you’re at it, bear in mind that their zFORTTM blue light blocking technology can be added to any pair of lenses to protect you from digital eye strain. So don’t just look great while wearing glasses, look after your eyes too, and all for the best prices.