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Guide: QuickBooks Hosting

Guide: QuickBooks Hosting

QuickBooks Hosting refers to the installation of the QB Desktop version on the network server hosted over the internet to enable access via a web browser from any location. With the help of QuickBooks Hosting all data and files can be easily accessed on DaaS Cloud from anywhere, anytime.

QuickBooks Hosting supplies a user with the best of both worlds, the robustness of the desktop version as well as the accessibility of the online version.

How QuickBooks Hosting Works?

Here is how QuickBooks on the cloud works:

  1. Licensed copies of QB are installed on the server of a service provider.
  2. The QB user is provided access to the server over the Internet with specific configurations:

– Good security steps are deployed to secure the application

– Connectivity between the end-user device and the server is accomplished using Remote Desktop Protocol that can be configured to log in as the desired user.

  1. The user can access and work on QuickBooks through a web browser or RDP shortcut. The rest of the UI, features, and other functionalities remain the same as of QB Desktop.
  2. All the modifications made on hosted QB are saved automatically and will appear to all authorized users.

How QuickBooks Hosting Is Better Than Standard QB Desktop?

QuickBooks Desktop is one of the most developed and used accounting applications. Some of the limitations with QB Desktop are:

  • Limited user access
  • No Remote Access
  • All important data/files remain only on the local device
  • Resource limitations of the local device
  • No real-time team collaboration
  • Lack of automation with data entry

Since QuickBooks Premier Hosting works on cloud technology, it gets all the benefits and features that the cloud offers, including:

  • Multiple user access
  • Real-time change tracking
  • Easy file sharing with unlimited users
  • Flexibility and scalability with resources
  • Reduced local IT expenses
  • Seamless integration with add-ons
  • Backed up against accidental data loss

Modes of QuickBooks Hosting

Hosting of the QB Desktop application can be implemented in the following 3 modes:

QuickBooks hosting: what to look for and how to choose the right provider

  • Dedicated Hosting: Different users are connected directly to the server on which QB is installed.
  • Peer-to-Peer Hosting: This QB hosting mode is usually adopted for on-premise Here 1 user hosts the application and data to provide access to other users on the network.
  • Alternate Hosting: One user is connected to the hosting server over the Internet. The rest of the users connect to the primary user to access the application on the local network.

Versions Supported for QuickBooks Hosting

Most of the leading hosting providers can host all versions of QuickBooks Desktop, including QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Accountant.

How to Select a QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Provider?

Almost every leading cloud service provider can offer to host QuickBooks Desktop applications. Intuit Authorized Commercial Partners are screened to assure that user data is safe and delivered services maintain high quality. Here are some essential factors that one can consider before finalizing the cloud hosting provider for QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Intuit Authorization
  • Security practices & features
  • Data and password storage policies
  • Uptime guarantee
  • Plans & Price
  • Customer reviews & testimonials
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions


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