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How to Advertise On LinkedIn Ads in 2022

How to Advertise On LinkedIn Ads in 2022

LinkedIn has more than 460 million members in more than 200 countries. Top executives from the world’s major corporations, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), are among those millions.

A large number of students and recent graduates use LinkedIn to find or improve their employment opportunities. According to data released in the LinkedIn Ads course of LinkedIn learning, you may reach out to 12 million managers, 3 million students, and 6 million SMEs through this social network.

But, perhaps most importantly, on LinkedIn you have the opportunity to access a vast amount of information that users of the site have chosen to share, such as their employment position, recommendations, contacts, and interests, among other things. All of this information (together with the associated analysis) assists you in fine-tuning your business ideas to the greatest extent possible.

If your business is committed to B2B or offers enticing services for professionals, every linkedin advertising agency can agree that linkedin advertising services is your place and you should discover more. But if we compare it with other possibilities such as Facebook Ads, we realize that it is still a relatively unknown solution in the advertising market.

Despite the fact that it is not the largest social network in the world, it is one of the social networks that keeps the greatest number of users, which is a testament to the value of the service.

Why Create an ad Campaign On Linkedin Ads?

It is undeniable that the social media platform made a significant impact in our country in recent years. Practically speaking, LinkedIn, as a professional social network, has no competition, a feature that contributes to the network’s continued growth in terms of subscribers.

Due to this increase in users, the absence of competition from the social network, as well as the user information that it handles, building ad campaigns on LinkedIn Ads has become a crucial component of nearly every digital marketing plan.

Is LinkedIn Ads a Relevant Option To Invest In Advertising?

The information that this platform manages is, of course, really useful, to the point where you may segment any ad using a variety of factors and options that are tough to discover on other social media platforms.

Tips For Making Better Ads On Linkedin

Advertisement on LinkedIn is not a tough chore to complete. The most difficult aspect of marketing is developing effective campaigns that reach the intended audience, are optimized, and produce results.

Here are some suggestions to assist you in achieving your goal:

Segment The Audience Into Groups

If you’re defining your target, keep in mind that you have the option of segmenting them based on the LinkedIn groups to which they are members.

Create Eye-Catching Text

Despite the fact that LinkedIn is a professional network, the ad language does not have to be stale or uninteresting. Create writing that is visually appealing and attention-grabbing while also being simple to grasp and quick to read – this is the key!

Good Images

Good images aren’t just for Instagram anymore. A high-quality image is required in any social network and must be able to catch the attention of users on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and any other platform!

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Manage The Budget And Select The Bid

Manage your budget effectively and select the bid that best meets your campaign’s needs, taking into consideration both your budget and your campaign’s objectives.

Test it

This is one of the greatest LinkedIn tips we can provide you, and it is also one of the best marketing advice we can provide you in general. Test and test again until you discover which form of advertisement and campaign is the most effective. This can be accomplished through A/B testing, which is a process that allows you to compare two variants (for example, of advertisements) in order to reach a decision.

Measure ROI

You cannot optimize your campaigns or achieve the best results until you measure their outcomes. As a result, you can track your return on investment with LinkedIn’s conversion tracking.

LinkedIn Ads Campaigns for big companies

Did you know that LinkedIn has the so-called “Marketing Solutions“? This type of campaign is designed to assist large corporations in the areas of branding, lead generation, and content marketing by providing a wide range of alternatives for establishing relationships between the firm and its professional target.


LinkedIn is a professional social network that is geared more toward business, commercial, and professional interactions than it is toward personal ones. As a result, companies and professionals searching for a promotion, networking, and business will be found on this social network.

To summarize, we recommend that if this is your first time launching a campaign through this professional network, sponsored content is the ideal method to get started. Why? The display ads given by LinkedIn are quite small, and as a result, they are easily overlooked by users. While sponsored postings have fewer alternatives, they have a greater variety.