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How to Get in Front of 1.4 Million Eyes for Zero Dollars

How to Get in Front of 1.4 Million Eyes for Zero Dollars

Today’s world is one of information overload. We are constantly bombarded with material and content that provides us with resources and answers for virtually every and any question we might have. But because our access to information — both on global and local scales — has never been higher, the value of that information itself has diminished.

For business owners, this should be disconcerting. Just because you put out written, audio, or visual content doesn’t guarantee that your content will be consumed simply because it’s accessible. Your free, easy-to-access information is becoming less and less valuable. As the internet ages and more people realize the exciting things that they have access to, there are fewer and fewer chances that your business’s content, in particular, will be the content they choose to consume.

The one exception to this rule in terms of information being devalued, however, is books.

Why Every Founder And Entrepreneur Needs To Write A Book

It’s important to point out that the information in a book is better than information that you can find for free online. What you as an entrepreneur or business founder need to understand is the behavior of your consumers and how to deliver your message to them through a book in a way that adds value to their experience with your business or brand.

Despite the hyper-digital world of today, there is a reverence in Western culture around books. This means that if you take the information and message you want to bestow upon your consumers, and couple it with what you’re trying to sell into your book in an engaging and easily digestible format, that information gets consumed. People will respect it more, focus on it more, and will set aside time to sit down and read your book, rather than trying to watch your video on your blog or from any other source they might believe they can acquire that information from.

If you want to grow your business, transcribing information that your consumers find valuable into a book helps you to refine your own message. Similarly, writing a book — whether you sell it or not — is an incredibly good sales and marketing exercise. It allows you to refine your thoughts, to figure out what your story is, to figure out what your best framework is, what your best ideas are, how your business sets itself apart in the marketplace, and more. By establishing the best ideas for your business in a book, both your consumers and future employees will have a better understanding of how your own mind works regarding your business, its culture, goals, and ability to scale in the future of its target market.

How to Write a Book That Sells 100+ Copies Per Day

Entrepreneurs and business owners are two of the busiest demographics of people. You may believe that you don’t have the time to sit down and write a book, and you’re likely correct. Thankfully, there are a number of different ways you can “write” a book without having to ever put pen to paper.

One of the easiest ways to write a book today is by using audio-to-text transcription software. Start by writing out a series of questions that you want your book to answer, and then record your answers via audio before using transcription tools to copy your answers to text. This will allow you to “write” upwards of 10,000 words per hour, and because the average business book sits around 200 pages (or 50,000 words), this will allow you to create a rough draft for your book in an afternoon. Another way is to hire an inexpensive ghostwriter. They will help make sure that the content you’re putting in the book will add value that your target audience wishes to gain from reading it. Whichever of these options you choose, I strongly recommend hiring a good editor to help you refine your rough draft into a final copy of your book.

When the time comes to sell your book, look no further than paid ad traffic online. Now, these ads aren’t free, and individual units of books can’t be sold for a lot of money. This means your book needs to be able to add lifetime value to your readers in perpetuity.

How To Create Higher Conversion Rates Of Readers Into Customers

In order for any book to sell, it needs to be well written and have information that your readers find valuable. But once they purchase your book and consume its content, where does that value go from there? Even if your book’s content solves one of a consumer’s problems, there are going to be other problems they need help solving. This is why you need to offer lifetime value to your readers, which will help you convert a larger portion of them into eventual customers for your brand or business.

Once you know what problem your book solves for your customers, you need to identify how the content of your book can create and address additional problems they need help solving. For example, if you’re the best apple farmer in the world and write a book about how to make the world’s best pie crust, those readers are now going to want access to the best apples in order to make the best apple pie they can. Your position as the best apple farmer gives you the ability to solve this additional, newer problem for your customers.

By offering access to courses you coach, events you run, or interviews you’ve done, you can easily turn your revenue per book sold from $5-15 into $30-45, depending on your lifetime value offering. Through this practice, you can create a near-autonomous sales cycle without having to worry about the cost of paid advertising to reach more readers. Likewise, the more exposure your book gains, the more unit sales you can expect to see throughout this cycle.