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How To Keep Your Virtual Event Digitally Secure?

How To Keep Your Virtual Event Digitally Secure?

With the pandemic putting a stop to our day-to-day activities and confining us within the four walls, virtual events came as a breath of fresh air that was not only convenient but allowed interaction among the attendees, though somewhat differently. Virtual events are easy to host, the organizing cost is less, and there are no geographical barriers; however, just like there are two sides to everything, there are some difficulties too.

Ensuring the virtual event data is safe, and teaching people how to address the audience in a virtual event are some of the major issues. Focusing on one, here are some of the ways by which you could keep your virtual event digitally secure.

Have Control Over Who Has Access To Your Event

This is the first and foremost thing that should be prioritized. The first thing you should do is lock your event so that you can avoid all kinds of breaches and trolls, and have an event engagement strategy. You could send event invitees to mail IDs and not share them on social media as you would be jeopardizing your safety this way.

You could make registering for the event compulsory so that you know who would be attending, making the whole process more authenticated. Make sure there is a waiting room, this way the attendees have to wait there until the event organizer can authenticate and then allow them inside.

Have A Strict Code Of Conduct 

Once the event has been locked and authenticated, it is crucial that you inform your attendees about the code of conduct and how one should behave. From the staff, organizers, sponsors, and attendees, everyone should follow this. Usually, a code of conduct includes one section containing the terms stated by one as to what acceptable behavior is and the other is how these terms would be enforced.

You could achieve this by sending out the code of conduct to the attendees who have registered or putting it up on your website where you would be hosting the event. A positive environment can only be created when it is a safe environment to engage in.

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Monitor The Event Thoroughly 

Physical events always have staff and security to ensure the safety of the attendees, the same should be arranged for virtual events too. Having moderators in your event is a plus point which allows you to monitor the various public chat forums and check and prevent any form of cyberbullying or trolling. You could even create a separate site or email id where people would have the liberty to report any kind of misconduct during the event.

Another tip would be to control the screen sharing option so that while having a conversation with the attendees or the panelist is speaking, no one can hijack the event. Again, you could create unique invitation links for each attendee so that you can control the crowd better.

Check Whether The Hosting Platform Is Secure Or Not

The platform where you would be hosting the event matters a great deal. If the virtual network is not secured and strong, hackers and intruders could easily hijack the event. Check whether the platform you are going for knows how to address cyberbullying and hacking hazards or not. Check if it offers you full control of who to invite and whether it complies with major data authentication and protection rules or not.

Wrapping up, these are some of the ways by which you could protect yourself while trying to organize a successful virtual event. Take advantage of Votemo, which is one of the leading tools for audience interaction and polling in events.