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How to Make a Quality Promo Video?

How to Make a Quality Promo Video?

A promotional video is a short promotional video, the meaning of which is to promote a product or service. The purpose of the promotional video is to influence the target audience, which motivates them to take the action the customer needs. Unlike standard advertising, this format actively uses artistic techniques and presents information in a playful way. Video production Melbourne can help you create perfect promotional and marketing videos for your brand or business.

How to Make a Promo Video?

To answer the question of how to make promotional videos, you need to break the process down into components:

  • Concept formation;
  • Script writing;
  • Preparation of locations;


The creation of a promotional video begins with the development of the concept. Sometimes the customer offers a ready-made concept, but more often the company does not have a clear idea of ​​the project. Then the idea should be formed during the discussion. The concept contains answers to such important questions:

  • What kind of viewer is the video intended for?
  • What message should the video sequence convey?
  • What kind of audience reaction does the customer expect?


The next pivot point for a successful corporate video is the script. When thinking about how to write a script for a commercial, a screenwriter starts from three factors:

  • Target audience of the project;
  • High-quality storytelling within the specified timing;
  • The concept promoted by the customer company.

The script helps the team to determine in what sequence the promo video will develop, how each act should look like and what artistic techniques will be used in order to implement the concept.

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Preparatory Process

After the script for the commercial is written, the text is given to the customer for review. If he is satisfied with all the points, the filming process begins – the team prepares to shoot a promotional video. Preparation includes several steps:

  • Studying locations for filming;
  • Selection of successful plans;
  • Making a list of equipment that will be needed in the work;
  • Creation or rental of decorations (if any);

Lack of Associations with the Advertising Product

People may come across promos on the Internet, point of sale and other places that are not directly related to advertising media. Such videos are not regulated by the RF law “on advertising”;

Freedom from Timing Constraints

Television advertising exists in a tight framework, which is not the case for promotions. The director of the video uses the temporal aspect in a free way and starts from establishing a connection with the consumer;


Promotional videos attract with both content and form. They involve a lively interaction with the viewer, which is achieved through jokes, surprise and other methods of emotional influence. If you want to read about QB1, please visit here.

To achieve guaranteed success in promotion, it is important to entrust the professionals with the creation of your promotional video: our specialists know how the script is written, how the best frame is chosen from many hours of filmed video. Blitz Media Group studio will help you create high-quality video content and attract new customers.