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How To Make Your Wheelchair Usable In Your Vehicle

How To Make Your Wheelchair Usable In Your Vehicle

Are you planning on changing your vehicle so that it can accommodate your wheelchair? Then relax and read on. Many people end up buying an expensive vehicle in order to make it possible to carry their wheelchairs with them. It is not always necessary; in fact, it can be avoided completely. Did you know that with the right guidance and in simplicity, you can make it happen in a lesser amount of time and with way less money.

When you are planning a trip with your family or friends, the main priority is the comfort of the journey. If you use a truck or a minivan to transport your wheelchair, you might become frustrated as you will experience a number of difficulties.

This article will help you look at what is required, and what to keep in mind to adapt your car for wheelchair users.

What Is Required?

In order to get your vehicle adapted for a wheelchair user, it is important to determine the needs of the person. The needs of your wheelchair using loved one might be different from one person to the next, therefore understanding it and prioritizing it is important. Here are a few important questions to ask prior to adapting your vehicle for their needs.

  • Do they have the strength to move themselves independently from one seat to another?
  • Do they possess enough upper body strength?
  • Do they need their wheelchair throughout the trip?
  • Do they need someone as a support to maintain balance?
  • These are certain factors to consider and prioritize based on their comfort. Identifying them helps you get a better idea of their needs for ease of travel.

What Other Options Do I Have?

With recent technological advancements, there exist amazing travel products out on the market designed specifically for the wheelchair user. These products will improve the ability of the wheelchair user to sit comfortably in the car. They are also able to help the user balance themselves, fasten their seatbelt or be transferred from one seat to another seat.

Certain manufacturers offer out of the factory options designed for easier mobility and accessibility. Choosing the right one to suit your wheelchair requirements should be identified before purchasing your vehicle. Another option worth considering is to identify a ready adapted or used vehicle, which would have been used by another person with the same kind of disability and is no longer needed. It might be cheaper and worth buying. Never settle for low priced vehicles, instead select the one that truly meets your needs.

Is My Budget Enough?

Based on your financial status and needs, you might need financial support for making the vehicle accessible. Visit the government website for support and eligibility for adapting your vehicle. If you are unable to get financial support, there are many ways to get your vehicle adaptable at a lesser price. For instance, buying a seat that electronically switches on the car could be an expensive option, however a swivel cushion can be bought at a lesser price at $15, providing you with the same feature. It may consume a lot of time to identify products at a lesser price, but it also enables you to save money in the long run.

Find Someone To Do Adaptations

One other significant part of the journey is to identify a manufacturer to discuss your requirements. They will be able to help install the right modifications on your vehicle to help you stay within your budget. Browsing through “vehicle adaptation companies” lands you with all types of manufacturers. You can consult your peers or enquire with the disability organization to better connect. This is a challenging task, however it is the most important for safe travel.

Enjoy the Happy Results

The last and final thing is to have fun once you have the adaptations made in your vehicle. It will provide you with a positive feeling and a confident trip. The ease of travel and simplicity makes your travel relaxing and uplifting. Making your loved ones feel comfortable while creating many good memories is important above all. Hope this article gives you better confidence about the accessible vehicle adaptation process. Wishing you a safe and happy journey!