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How Your Marketing And Customer Service Teams Can Work Well Together

How Your Marketing And Customer Service Teams Can Work Well Together

Customer service is a top priority for many brands, especially as customers will spend more money if they are happy with the customer service they receive.

However, customer service departments often operate on their own, completely separate from marketing personnel, and this is a mistake. Customer service and marketing can work well together and really complement each other. In fact, some of the most successful companies have these two departments working closely in tandem together.

Here are just some of the reasons to have these two departments working side by side.

Collaborating on Content Creation

Creating engaging and interesting content is essential to any marketing department. However, even the best marketing departments can sometimes struggle to come up with ideas that will connect with the customers.

Your customer service department knows your customers more than anyone else in your organisation. They deal with their requests, their problems and their preferences. As such, they are best placed to advise on what kind of content will reach your customers.

Using a unified communications system to achieve this can often make the tasks easier, as this kind of technology was specifically designed for collaboration.

Customer Support Provided By Social Media

Social media is normally the responsibility of the marketing department, and they will use these platforms to promote your goods and services. They will, however, also often communicate directly with customers, providing customer service to them.

Do you really want your marketing team, not your customer service personnel, dealing with your customer enquiries?

Managing Customer Expectations

Marketing campaigns often make promises. They tell your customers that they can expect certain services and standards. If someone contacts your customer service team and then finds that your company won’t or can’t meet these promises, then they will feel disappointed or angry. Your customer service team will then get the wrath from this.

Why Marketing and Customer Service Strategies Should Work Together

If both departments are working together, then customer service can tell marketing that these issues are causing issues, and it’s less likely to lead to any problems. Again, unified communications can be perfect for your communications system, as it can ensure that everyone stays in contact easily and that both teams are working from the same page.

Product Marketing

As most business owners and managers know, product marketing is the way you let current and potential customers know about your product. However, it’s surprising how often a marketing department promotes a product incorrectly.

By liaising with customer service, marketing can discover that something they thought was a key asset to a product is actually unpopular or underused. They may also find out that the product is not always being used for its original intent, or that it’s popular for completely different reasons to those they assumed.

Loyalty Programme

Customer loyalty programmes are a very good way to keep customers interested in your company and your products. Whether you’re rewarding them with points or discounts, if your customer service and marketing teams work together, then your customers will have a better experience and appreciate the deal more.

As you can see, with these two departments working together, you will often see the best results. In order to make this work easily, unified communications technology is often the best idea.  It ensures you can reach everyone you need with ease and that all your communication needs can be found in one place. This saves time and makes the whole collaboration experience more enjoyable.