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Make Your Custom Products Marketable By Following These Tips

If you’ve got custom products, you could find yourself struggling to market them successfully. This happens because you might have counted your eggs before they hatched. Luckily, you can make a difference by playing it smart. No situation is unsalvageable and consumers tend to have a soft spot for custom-made promotional products.

It can be difficult to figure out how to market these products, especially when you are starting out. That’s why we’re going to be helping you out. The following is how you can make your custom products more marketable with the help of these useful tips:

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Offer Usable Items

Consumers love promotional products that are usable and nothing is more useful than custom gear. This phrase doesn’t just relate to hoodies, shirts and caps. It also encapsulates mugs, water bottles and other drinking items. The usability of these items is evident because you need them on a daily basis. So, if your custom made products are of this nature, then you can rest assured that there is going to be a high demand for them. Other usable items include pens, key chains, notebook and notepads.

Décor based items are also fun but they’re not popular because they do not serve an active function. These are also more likely to be discarded by the consumers.

Different Items for Different Audiences

Now that you know you have so many options, it is a good idea to differentiate them according to your target audience. Most businesses are catering to a mixed demographic so this could mean that certain custom products will be better suited for certain audiences.

This does not mean that you invest inexpensive items. Mugs are universally liked but for corporate events, pens and writing instruments are better suited. Similarly, for more casual consumers, you might make them happier by offering mugs, mousepads and even key chains. These will be more useful at home and in everyday life.

Pick from the Favourites

If you’re confused about what kind of products you should offer to your consumers or want to have more success in marketing them, take the easy route and pick from the obvious favourites. The following are the top 5 favourite custom-made products:

  1. Wearable Products – Shirts, hoodies, scarves and even caps or sunglasses fall in this category
  2. Writing Instruments – Pens, pencils, markers, notebooks, note pads and more
  3. Bags – Tote bags, handbags or wallets
  4. Drinking Items – Custom mugs, water bottles and more
  5. Desk Accessories – Pen holders, calendars, mousepads

All these products are great for the use which is why they’re common favourites of most consumers. These are not only easy to market but have a high ROI. This means that even with a low cost, these products can offer you high benefits.

Use Your Logo Tastefully

Make sure that your custom-made promotional products are tastefully made. Yes, your logo, brand slogan and colours should be on it but they should not be overpowering or placed distastefully. This could make the product a bit too jarring or annoying to use and your audience is more likely to not want it.

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With a more tasteful product, you won’t have any issues in marketing it. Additionally, make sure that the product you are offering is of high quality. Low-quality products are also not going to be good for your business or your consumers so pay attention to this area. The good news is that even low-cost items can be good quality products.

By following these tips, you should easily be able to market your custom products to any audience with ease.