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Nile Business City… The Third Tallest Skyscraper

Nile Business City… The Third Tallest Skyscraper

Invest now in the third tallest skyscraper in Africa and the second tallest skyscraper in Egypt, Nile Business City New Capital. The mall was built as per the international standards, whether in terms of services, designs, or stunning views. In addition to the competitive prices of Nile Project.

Nile Business City New Capital is built on ​​32,829 square meters with a built-up area of ​​296,000 square meters. It exceeded ​​the iconic tower in terms of total building area with an area of 296,000 square meters. The facade of Nile Project overlooks the Bin Zayed axis and the Green River with the widest facade on it; Thus, no one will visit the New Capital without seeing Nile Business City.

The project is close to the Monorail station, Al Masa Hotel, and the financial & business district. The entire tower overlooks the Green River Park and is located on the three most important axes in the New Capital. It is designed to be an integrated project with all types of units, with a height of 50 floors, and 5 underground floors for the garage that was built with international standards and attractive design.

Business City’s Countless Advantages  

Nile Business City New Capital contains all services and facilities that could be needed by the residents of the tower, investors, business owners and visitors; from entertainment, worship, work, medical services, to the highest-level security.

The Project includes vast green spaces, the largest cinema hall operating with the latest technologies, and a kids’ area that includes all kinds of entertainment and safety besides generators that are sufficient to constantly light the mall.

Iconic Tower: Tallest skyscraper in Africa rises from the desert in Egypt's New Administrative Capital

Nile Business City contains administrative units with meeting rooms equipped with the latest technology to facilitate holding meetings for businessmen. It also meets the tastes of its visitors and owners with many shops to facilitate shopping, in addition to various medical services.

A mosque was designed in modern style to allow worshiping within the mall. There are huge garages that can accommodate all owners of hotel apartments, commercial and administrative units along with visitors with a state of the art security system and a sufficient number of security personnel throughout the day.

Nile Business City New Capital Prices

Choose your unit with spaces starting from 33 square meters with huge discounts during the launch with up to 47%. These prices do commensurate with being within the third tallest skyscraper in Africa that is built in Egypt.

Nile Project met the needs of all investors and entrepreneurs by offering the lowest price per square meter for administrative units, starting at 44,500 Egyptian pounds. Nile Business City has also provided many units reservation systems to suit everyone who wants to invest in New Capital in general.

You can reserve your unit with a down payment starting from 10% and within a period of up to 10 years.

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