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Organic Baby Bedding: The Way Forward

Organic Baby Bedding: The Way Forward

A baby is a thrilling addition to a family. New parents take utmost care in tending to their infants. From childproofing the house to hoarding diapers, no amount of caution can be too much. It is equally essential to ensure that the baby’s skincare needs also receive enough attention. A newborn’s skin gets its softness from a substance known as vernix, which forms while the baby is in the womb as a fetus.

Even though doctors typically wash away this layer during childbirth, the skin retains the soft texture for a long time. It also makes the skin thin and vulnerable to elements such as heat, cold, and dust. Parents who own baby cots must be acquainted with organic cot sheets that act as protective layers for their baby’s skin. Here are some tips to help one choose the perfect baby bedding!

Cot Beds

Newborns spend over sixteen hours per day sleeping. Bedsheets and blankets are their best friends! As a child moves to the cot from their parent’s side, it is essential that their bedding is child-friendly and comfortable. Paediatricians recommend soft long-staple cotton sheets and muslin or velvet blankets. These are secure and breathable, thus offering maximum security and warmth for the baby.

Why Cotton?

Cotton is a much-loved material for baby clothing. Since babies have delicate skin, they require loose clothes and thin fabrics. While this is true for clothing, it also holds for bedding and

cot linen. But many creative parents think cotton does not come in handy for fashionable bedding materials. It could not be far from the truth!

Cotton muslin is a popular material for child bedding since it is light yet supple. Most sellers design their sheets with soft elastic bands on the border to secure the baby in place. Cotton is one of the only materials that are suitable for this practice.

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Types of Baby Beddings

It is a question that new parents dread to face yet ask themselves often: “Is this the right bed for my baby?”. The good news is that there is not just one correct answer! Experts agree that cots, cradles, Moses baskets, and bassinets provide the same level of security for the baby.

These beddings protect infants from SIDS and help parents keep an eye on their children at all times. Regardless of the type of beddings, it is always advisable to use organic bedclothes and lightweight cotton sheets.

Why go Organic?

Research has revealed that crib mattresses and sheets in the market are harmful to babies. Ultrasoft mattresses have dangerous fire retardant chemicals and boric acid that put the baby’s life at risk when they inhale them. Organic mattresses use locally sourced cotton instead of generic foam.

Since it is difficult to gauge what may act as allergens in a baby, they also avoid materials like coir and latex. Therefore, the benefits of using organic bedding materials like flaxseed cotton are twofold! While protecting the child from harmful substances, organic bedding solutions also conserve the environment.

Washing Baby Bedsheets

Many parents do not know that bedsheets in their baby’s cots need separate cleaning routines. Infants require diaper changes more often than toddlers who are being potty trained. Apart from washing their clothes, it is also essential that parents change any soaked sheets or linens.

Typically, a baby bedding requires washing twice a week. To avoid chemical shock, parents must choose a mild detergent that is chemical-free. A thorough cleaning and drying routine can save one’s baby from rashes.Organic cot sheets are simple to wash and dry and are the ideal choice for any baby bedding.