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SMS Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Business

SMS Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Business

More than half of all web traffic originates from mobile devices. Thus, SMS marketing cannot miss for sure when a business looks into marketing tactics. SMS may help a business reach a customer in a more personal space. It is more effective than email marketing since most customers prefer SMS to emails. Here are 8 creative ideas on how you can use SMS for your marketing campaigns:

1. Offers and Sale Campaigns

A great way to notify your opted-in customers of your upcoming offers and sales would be by sending an SMS mass text to them. Using SMS for your business advertising is classic yet effective in attracting new customers. SMS advertising is more likely to increase sales since most recipients read an SMS within 2 minutes. Your SMS customers should be the first to know of any upcoming offers since it is easier for you to reach them. You should also consider embedding a link to your website on those SMS. Most customers will open and read your SMS almost immediately, and they are more likely to turn into a sale. Also, ensure your SMS are on point.

2. Surveys

You can use SMS for simple surveys. You can send simple questions to your customers, which can be the most effective way to know more about what your customers prefer. Customers will also help you know what services to improve. Interacting directly with the customer is a more promising approach to get an answer to your product questions. However, the survey questions should be brief and on point. For instance, you can ask them to rate your services on a scale of 1-10.

3. Verification

Your customers may be worried about their data security. Using SMS verification will guarantee your customers’ security and prevent data leakage. A customer can only login into their account if they authenticate using a code sent to their verified numbers.

4. Discounts and Coupons

It is often cumbersome for businesses to make coupons. Even if they make them, their customers have to subscribe to an email newsletter to receive them; this can be simplified by an SMS where you will send discounts and coupons to your preferred customers hassle-free. Nevertheless, your customers will feel valued when they receive discounts and coupons directly in their SMS inbox.

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5. Exclusive Offers

The key to utilizing SMS marketing is enhancing engagement with your customers. Your customers will opt-in to your SMS campaigns at free will; thus, it is good for you to reward them. The best way to reward them is by sending them exclusive offers. The offers should be simple and on point. For instance, you can tell customers to use a certain code to get a certain percentage discount on their next order. When you offer exclusivity to your customers via SMS, you create a loyalty bond with them.

6. Giveaways

You can run giveaways to earn loyalty to your clients and gain more clients. You can do this by sending your clients to a specific landing page or asking them to reply with a certain keyword. You can offer gifts via SMS to customers who perform suggested tasks on your landing page. Also, to ensure that you don’t lose the customers that fail to win, follow them up after the giveaway using SMS. You should also consider consoling them with a discount, also through SMS.

7. Request for Reviews

Most people who shop online are inspired by the reviews on the product they want to buy. Therefore, SMS marketing can help you request a review from a customer who has already purchased a particular item from your business. Reviews are more likely to engage your future customers, and they will eventually do business with you.

To sustain your business, you need to nurture your relationship with your customers. Treating customers well is an effective way to have the word out for more customers to check out your business. The above simple ideas can help you with SMS marketing. SMS will help you access your customer wherever they are, even in their most personal space, without offending them. However, you should send a limited number of SMS to your customers to avoid monotony and unsubscription.