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Stances Of International Community Towards Kuwait And Its Government:

Stances Of International Community Towards Kuwait And Its Government:

As we know, Kuwait came into being in 1961. Many countries supported Kuwait at that time, therefore, Kuwait has strong foreign relations. Arabs are found to be very close to Kuwait. Kuwait is famous for vast oil reserves and therefore it has its own importance. Overall, Kuwait has good relations with all countries. But there is a troubled relationship between Kuwait and Iraq. Kuwait is not responsible for this troubled relationship. Clashes and problems arose because of Iraq. Iraq claimed Kuwaiti territory but the case was presented before the United Nations. Kuwait preserved its domination successfully. Moreover, Kuwait has a unique foreign policy. It is famous for its neutrality. Its foreign policy is beneficial for all and as a result, Kuwait has good and strong relations with all countries except Iraq.

Investments By Kuwait:

Kuwaiti companies are investing a lot with foreign countries. Therefore their domestic assets are smaller than their foreign assets. Kuwait invested a lot in its neighboring country Saudi Arabia. Financially, Kuwait is a very strong country. In accordance with the World Bank, Kuwait is the seventh-largest country in the world and Kuwaiti Dinar is the highest valued currency.

Stances Of International Community:

Kuwait City Hub | Global Shapers

There is no doubt that Kuwait always plays its role in innovating numerous dynamism. As we all know, there is a United Nations World Human Day on 19 August, and Kuwait tries hard to be a special part of this day. Sheikh Jabbar Al-Sabah, the Emir of Kuwait, commander of the military of Kuwait and GCB, GCMG of al-Sabah dynasty is named as a global humanitarian leader by the UN because of his efforts. Sheikh Jabbar al-Sabah also attended many international humanitarian conferences. In different countries, he attended different conferences regarding humanity. Kuwait always contributes to different global humanitarian needs in order to terminate poverty and illness from the World. Kuwait contributes USD one billion to appreciate humanitarian global efforts all over the world in the last 5 years. Kuwait is an economically stronger country and feels no hesitation during a charity. For Syria, Kuwait launches 3 conferences and donated up to USD 1.3 billion. And one of the conferences for Syria was held in London, in which Kuwait donated USD 300 million. Syrians were helped a lot by Kuwait. Moreover, Kuwait donated a handsome amount of USD 100 million for the public of Yemen at the time of war. Therefore stances of the international community about Kuwait are always good. Because Sheikh Jabbar al-Sabah always tried hard to develop good relationships with other countries. This country is famous for charity and the main aim of Kuwait is to terminate poverty from the world. Sheikh al-Sabah is the best Emir according to the international community. Kuwait and its policies are always beneficial to other countries. And this is the main reason why everyone gives positive remarks about Kuwait. This country pays special attention to the needy and poor countries. The international community got a lot of benefits from Kuwait and that’s why Sheikh Jabbar al-Sabah is the well known leader in the whole world.