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Top Video Marketing Tool for Succeeding as A Real Estate Agent

Top Video Marketing Tool for Succeeding as A Real Estate Agent

The real estate industry is a competitive one and requires a lot of effort to stay on top. Being an estate agent, it is not enough to have a good website and some attractive photos of the houses available for sale. To really succeed in this industry, some things should be done to be the go-to estate agent in the city.

In an era of smartphones and social media, video marketing is one way to get ahead of the competition. Multiple tools help in estate agent lead generation  and there are several easy ways to promote the videos across social media, and more. Video marketing is powerful, and it can be a major benefit for estate agents. Potential buyers are more likely to watch a video than reading text, and that makes video marketing an attractive option for advertising. Video marketing is also more cost-effective than other types of marketing because they need not invest a lump sum on ad space. There are plenty of free or low-cost ways to create high-quality videos with editing software.

Video Marketing For Real Estate

The most challenging part for an estate agent while promoting themselves or their services is marketing. Most agents miss out on marketing with their busy schedules or due to other reasons. Instead of adopting multiple methods, choosing one effective marketing option will give a skyrocketing number of sales. According to the latest reports, video marketers have achieved about 66% more leads in a year with a 53% increase in brand presence. This has led to an upsurge in yearly revenues and is 51% faster compared to other marketing methods. Videos have proven to be more engaging and grab attention immediately on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and more. It can help generate 1200% more shares compared to textual and image posts. This has become a prominent part of the estate agent marketing tools.

Best Tools For Video Marketing


Once you have sorted the top properties with images and videos, you can use an online video editor to put everything together. Real estate video marketing with InVideo gives you the scope to use pre-made templates that help you figure out the structure of your video. These templates can enhance your video’s quality and let you add several other features like texts, music, voiceovers where you can talk about the properties you’re showcasing and much more. In addition, this video editor makes your overall experience smooth with its intuitive and user-friendly UI. You can directly share your fresh real estate videos online on different social media platforms or download them in high quality and use them later to draw business.

Filmora Business

Filmora is a video marketing tool with multiple editing resources. There are several tools and options available to create real estate videos with ease. Estate agents with no prior experience can effortlessly handle this software. With options like motion graphics, background blurs, transitions and much more, estate agents can experiment with different types of videos and experience creating and marketing the best content.


With Animoto, video marketing has become a piece of cake for estate agencies and individual agents. Creating videos of different kinds with a professional quality makes Animoto unique from other video marketing software. There are countless options for fonts, pictures, video effects etc., for the agents to apply for their videos.


Hundreds of estate agents use Biteable to create stunning videos and market their real estate business. The quick and easy animations enhance the content created by the estate agent and boost the video marketing tasks done by them. The powerful user interface leads to more engagement and thereby increases the revenues for estate agents.


Most estate agents who have used Renderforest have experienced the best sales and conversions with this software. Renderforest helps in creating the best real estate videos of high quality. It also helps in creating more awareness and delivers the message clearly. With hundreds of templates and music to pick from creating videos is more fun for agents than before. Are you looking for ways to boost your WordPress website so that your customer can have a smooth home search experience, Showcase IDX recommended by the exp mentor program will help you do that.

Types Of Video Marketing

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Agent Introduction Video

It is difficult for estate agents to go in person and introduce themselves and their services every time. Creating a short introduction about the agent will give a clear idea about their services and the person or the team.

Home Tours

Most property pictures do not justify the description given on the property websites. It is always better to film a home tour in the perfect lighting to highlight the interiors.

Live Streaming- Social Media

Going live on social mediums like Facebook and Instagram appears more natural and creates a personal connection with the viewers. It also creates curiosity among people, which can be put to use for new announcements, sales or exclusive offers.

Client Testimonials

Nothing can instil trust in potential clients than the experience from previous buyers. Video testimonials are the best sales tool to convince and make more sales. Video testimonials build more confidence and are the best marketing material compared to written reviews.

Neighbourhood Video

People give equal importance to the location in which the property is built. It is therefore advisable for agents to film the neighbourhoods, commercial places, restaurants and also include the interviews of the local residents. This way, estate agents can attract more leads successfully.