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When Revamping Email Marketing Strategies: 7 Tips to Learn

Email Marketing Strategies

We live in a time when even smartphones need frequent upgrades to stay attractive and engaging! If any product or campaign is to stay popular with the customers, it must constantly improve. No surprise then if you feel the need to adopt a similar course of action in the techno-cultural scape. This factor could mean revamping your email marketing campaign. To help you out, we have put together some ways that you can consider for improving your email marketing strategies!

Tell a Story.

You’d be surprised how often being able to tell a good story is indispensable to a good campaign. A great narrative always advocates for a great email marketing strategy! Since your customers don’t know the sender personally, it is advisable to help them feel connected to you when you deploy your emails. This approach will make them receptive to the content of your campaign. It’s just human nature working in your favour – people tend to respond better when their emotions are engaged.

Storytelling is an effective way to trigger positive reciprocity. You could also consider placing your product information towards the latter half of the email and dedicate most of the initial content to the story. Leads need to warm up to your campaign and be more willing to consider purchasing your products.

Diversify with Split Testing

One of the fastest ways to analyse your success through split testing. You can try the same content on different sets of audiences to gauge their response. This strategy will help you strategically narrow down the specific audience you want to target. Next, you can create different versions of your campaign content and see which one performed most optimally with your desired audience.

For example, why not try different subject lines as a part of your email campaign? The subject is the only part of the email that your audience will initially have access to. Making sure that it is inviting is more likely to get the recipients to open the email. You could also test the content of your email. You’ll find tried and tested templates used by several businesses that you can employ and even save a lot of time and resources.

Warm Welcome Emails

Your welcome emails are, in many ways, the first real introduction that your audience will have to your campaign, and by extension, to you. We suggest that you structure a warm message that invokes familiarity in your readers. These emails will determine the nature of your relationship with your audience and the tone of the conversations. It is a great idea to directly address your audience by including the name of the recipient.

The email body could elaborate on what your customers should come to expect from the conversations that follow. Stay away from no-reply emails. Let your audience be able to respond to you. Your approach should be welcoming to their questions and feedback. Don’t fret over this step; keep in mind that the campaign should have underlying energy that is both personal and friendly!

Curate Relevant Content 

Thoughtful and deliberate strategies are sure to make your customers engage with your content. You want your email to be engaged with and not ignored. You certainly do not want it to find itself in the spam folder! Test your content using frequently used or even overused keywords, which usually result in emails getting flagged. This approach can help you prevent your emails from ending up in less than ideal situations. For example, it is a great idea to add interest to your emails with links, images, and buttons. But test them to see if you necessarily need to include them all.

Segment Lists

One way to be certain that your content is relevant is to prioritise segmentation. Give your users space to specify their preferences by creating room for them to mention their interests and preferred content.

Why not the audience fill out a user profile. You could subsequently draft out personalised email campaigns based on the different segments. Segmentation campaigns are a fast and easy way to increase your profits!

Monitor Results

There is no point in investing time and resources into a lacklustre campaign. Analysing the results of your campaign is an easy way to pump some life into it! Do this by checking to see the engagement your audience has initiated in the last month, for example. Feel free to consider a period that resonates with you.

Your click-to-open rate is a useful tool to measure performance and engagement. It is crucial to monitor the progress of your campaign so that you can take into account any changes you need to make to guarantee success!

Email Frequency

Keep up the interaction with customers and subscribers who are involved with your campaign and products. But don’t overwhelm your recipients with very frequent emails. One way to assess this is by providing the audience with options that let them specify how frequently they want to hear from you. Give them some agency and encourage active involvement in the process. Always remember that balance is key!