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Why CarGuard Is Passionate About Keeping Your Family Safe

Why CarGuard Is Passionate About Keeping Your Family Safe

Driving is something most people do every single day to move around quickly. A family relies on transportation throughout the day, but staying safe is always on the back of any parent’s mind whenever they jump inside.

CarGuard Administration is one protection plan company that always has safety in mind. Every single protection plan offered by the company adds to standard insurance required by the state. By providing even more protection than the bare minimum, families can feel safer on the road. How the company has stood out from the crowd despite opening its doors in 2015 comes down to customer dedication.

Service at Any Time

There’s no telling when an issue might pop up with a car. One of the most challenging things for families is getting customer service when it matters most. CarGuard’s customer service team offers protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so that you can have peace of mind.

Fast assistance is there throughout the day, and they can usually come through much faster than traditional insurance companies. It’s one thing CarGuard Trevor Smith takes pride in his company.

Little things that make a difference at the right time include free towing, roadside benefits, and quick rental car opportunities. Instead of being car-less for hours or even days, a rental is sent out right away so families can get back to their routine as soon as possible. Not only is service quick, but solutions are there while issues get resolved.

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Plans For All

Shopping with some protection plan companies can be pretty frustrating given the lack of options. They offer one solution for everyone, and people who might not need everything will still have to pay like everyone else.

CarGuard breaks things up a little bit differently so that it goes as smoothly as possible. If a family can afford to protect the car to the fullest, there are plans for that. If just a little bit of extra protection is what works best, there are pretty affordable plans.

There are a total of five different plans for shoppers to choose from. Platinum is at the top, and it covers everything a person could ask for. Gold is a step below.

While some will opt for powertrain plans that cover most essentials. There are also flat rate and prepaid maintenance plans to pick from, saving the most money.

The company understands people might not know what plan works for them best, so they have options to contact them to talk about setting things up. The best way to get answers is to call them directly and talk to a customer service representative. They also have the option of sending a message for detailed questions in text form.

No Hidden Language in Plans

Too many protection plans spend a lot of time putting hidden language into plans that ultimately benefit them more than the customer. Every CarGuard contract is written concisely to ensure people know what they are getting into. There’s no weird jargon or confusing exclusions in there that will come back to bite customers later on.

Ultimately, protection plans are there to assist customers, not mess with them at a later time. When something terrible happens to a driver, the last thing someone wants to do is figure out what the fine print says. Protection plans serve the customer, not the company.

A Track Record that Speaks for Itself

CarGuard is not a company that just popped up overnight. They’ve been at it for a while now, helping families stay safe on the road since 2015. Families of any size have relied on them when they needed them the most. The CarGuard reviews online show how many are thankful for signing up.

Some families are just starting out and have young drivers who might be hitting the road for the first year. Since plans can cover the entire family, it makes sense to put everyone under the same policy. It not only saves money but helps parents feel better letting their kids out on the road on their own.

CarGuard vs. the Competition

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to a protection plan. Some families might feel like it’s unnecessary, but more and more are seeing all the benefits it brings to the table.

Those still on the fence can read through the countless testimonials online from genuine customers. All it takes is for one incident with a plan to be worth the money. Instead of being hit with an unexpected cost, a protection plan is a steady amount paid per month, so families don’t have to dip into emergency funds.

As far as CarGuard Administration vs. the competition, they have shown that they are consistently one of the fastest in providing service for customers. Their rates are middle of the road, which makes them one of the best values overall. Available in 48 states in the United States, customers can get ready and set up for a new contract in a short amount of time.

Auto insurance is great for many things, but a great protection plan fills in those gaps. Without gaps filled in, safety is not at the highest priority possible. Having representatives to talk to will ease any anxiety people may have during such a vulnerable time in their lives.

Anyone who has been in an accident before understands that they need a calming solution, not more to worry about. The same goes for any type of major incident when a car stops working the way it should. The CarGuard Administration does all that and more.