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Why Is Java One of the Best Programming Languages to Build a Mobile App?

Why Is Java One of the Best Programming Languages to Build a Mobile App?

Java is a multi-use, cross-platform language used in software development. Furthermore, it’s one of the top programming languages and one of the many that can brag about the fact that it’s stayed relevant in the span of 30 years.

Among the hundreds of technologies and new programming languages in the world of software development, Java still holds its top place ranking as one of the most used dev options. That being said, it’s clear that Java is one of the most powerful programming languages ever created.

How to Hire Java Developers?

Thanks to the adaptability of the Java language nowadays, there are IT professionals that specialize only in Java and would be a great pick if you’re trying to scale your Java team.

Finding someone capable isn’t easy; however, in the IT industry and especially in the Java development sector, hundreds of experts are willing to take on your Java project and lead it to the path of success.

Now we all know that there isn’t an easy and straightforward answer on how to hire Java developers. Choosing the best candidate out of the tens best candidates can be pretty tricky and difficult.

Let’s imagine that you’re looking to hire Java developer for mobile app creation. The skills looking for in a Java mobile application developer are different from the ones you’d be looking for at a Java desktop GUI application developer.

No matter how difficult of a task it is, how to hire Java developers, the good news is that there is no shortage of Java experts, and you only need to look deeper into what the market is offering to find some quality staff.

Skills Every Java Mobile Application Developer Should Have

Proficiency in Java and Kotlin can be a total game-changer in mobile apps development, especially in Android development. While Java is usually used in an integrated dev environment for Android app dev, Java developers need to be highly proficient in the latest Java version.

A Java application developer should know and implement the next software development fundamentals:

  • Proper comprehension of the client requirements for the software design
  • Developing software based on requirements
  • Debugging the written code
  • Executing adequate testing on the software code
  • Doing performance benchmark testing and analyzing the results
  • Being able to find and correct all the app’s issues

Unlike other mobile app development languages, Java is a bit more complex. That’s why the lead developer handling the whole app development project needs to have expertise in various fields other than Java itself.

  • Android Studio – the number one thing a Java mobile developer should know aside from Java itself. Built on top of IntelliJ IDE; Android Studio comes with extraordinary support for some of the most commonly used Android software development kits.
  • Databases – many cloud services often provide Java libraries that can be plugged into the application during the development stage, which will later make it easier to cache the users’ data
  • Because all of the Android smartphones run on Linux, every Java mobile app developer should have a pretty decent knowledge of Linux
  • Great understanding of the structured markup language XML
  • Strong at Java XML parsing
  • Strongly prepared in the field of web services based on Java tech
  • Deep working knowledge of object-oriented programming concepts

Why Use Java for Your Mobile App?

One of the easiest and most clean ways to create an application is using Java. For example, all of the mobile apps developed with Java run on the Android OS because the operating system itself is based on Java.

The standard way of writing and developing an Android application is through Java and Android Studio. Although there are other ways of developing a mobile app, Java would come naturally as the simplest way of building the app because all of Android’s native controls are in Java. Therefore, Android is entirely based on Java, following every conversion of Java programming language.

The Android OS is basically the Linux Kernel, which handles everything extraordinarily well related to memory management and networking requirements, Java’s portability perfectly aligns with the OS.

From developing a complete application that can run on a mobile OS, PCs or be distributed among various servers and clients in a network to developing small application modules that can be used on a web page and working in the cloud, Java has various usages and is an extremely powerful language.