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WPS Office: How Good Is It?

WPS Office: How Good Is It?

Manage Your Office Tasks With Ease

Microsoft Office suites of productivity are each office’s most essential and unassailable necessity. As a result, lots of Software companies attempted to design incredible office suites to take advantage of this huge market but the majority of them did not succeed in competing against Microsoft Office. WPS Office, in contrast, isn’t in that suite. WPS Office has been in the market since 1988but only made a firm position in the year 2000. WPS Office comes loaded with tools to make it easier for you to manage your office tasks. Have this office free download for pc, macOS, Android, and iOS. Moreover, popular templates of various types can help you handle challenges easily and stand out among peers in business, education, and home scenarios.

Features Offered By WPS Office

It is a complete list of all the features WPS Office has to offer. It is evident that WPS Office is a free edition that can create Word Documents, Spreadsheets, and presentations with stunning graphics, as well as the ability to create a dedicated pdf reader. WPS Scribner, Spreadsheets, and Presentations come with a classic simple design and layout that appear polished and appealing. The apps offer all the features and options that someone writing an article, a letter or blog, someone who is creating a balance sheet of a company or creating an office or school presentation will require. The apps offer a wide range of options for customization comparable to those you find in their Microsoft counterparts.

There are many templates that are able to be used to create resumes, and letters, design posters as well as checklists, brochures, invoices, project reports annual reports, work reports albums, infographics, and more.  The WPS Office has features that aren’t included in most popular office suites. So, if seeking a program that can replace your day-to-daily spreadsheet creator, word processor, or presentation maker, it is recommended to use WPS Office Free version. Additionally, if you’re an experienced user and require additional features, WPS has tons of options to choose from.

File Compatibility

In terms of file Compatibility, WPS Office is the best of the best. WPS Office is compatible with documents created with Microsoft Office, Google Suite, Adobe PDF, and Open Office. Formats that are supported in WPS Office: doc, dotm, dotm as well as xls, xlsx xlt, xltxand RTF, pptx and ppt and xml. dot, wpt and et. pot, dps, potx, ppsx, and pdf. Therefore, if you’re searching for an Office Suite with wide range of compatibility to the other Office suites WPS Office is an excellent choice since it works with all of the popular Office suites such as MS Office, G-Suite, Open Office, and more.


WPS Office Premium Apk v14.8.1

As we’ve mentioned before the interface provided by WPS Office is heavily inspired by the popular counterpart. In the end, the learning curve isn’t overly steep, and novice users will be able to easily get access to the WPS Office interface. The layout as well as the area that lists the available features is easy to navigate. The ribbon design is familiar too. The interface of WPS Office is the closest thing you can attain to MS Office’s interface. In conclusion, the user interface offered by WPS Office is second to any other and is the most that you can get at this amount of money. Therefore, it should not be a factor for anyone who is considering buying WPS Office.


Collaboration capabilities have been noticed in WPS Office too. For collaboration, the WPS office features WPS Cloud and WPS Online document creator, where users can go on to the WPS website and sign in to create a document online. You can also send the document instantly for collaboration with anyone you wish to create the desired results. Although the online suite does not provide the same features and functions as the offline suite, you could always download the file onto your personal computer to make it to your liking. After all, it’s cost-free.

Google Suite and its competitors such as Google Suite also offer a similar function to make online documents and work in real-time. The problem is that Google Suite doesn’t have the option of downloading the file onto a computer to make it more customizable due to the lack of any offline-only suite.

The Bottom Line

By taking the entire features associated with WPS Office into account, we can confidently conclude it is WPS Office is an amazing tool that is worth every cent you’re paid to use it i.e. If you choose to purchase an upgrade to the Premium version. It’s not simply another Microsoft Office alternative but a useful tool on its own. The sleek and simple design will impress at any time. Users can access every feature they could require at no cost. In examining the features, tools, compatibility with files and user interfaces, ease of collaboration, and the price I would recommend everyone to give it a go for a few days or If you plan to buy the complete suite. The likelihood is that you’ll like it. If you don’t, no regrets, you don’t lose a penny.