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10 Of The Best Logo Design Software To For 2021

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To help entrepreneurs and new business owners wanting to start their own brand, we have listed the top 10 free logo design tools. Logo makers have become quite popular amongst new and upcoming business owners as it saves time and money and the quality is good.

10 Best Logo Design Software and Tools 2021

When choosing a logo design software or tool there are a few aspects to consider. Consider user-friendliness, professionalism, degree of customizable and cost.


Logomaker is user friendly and easy to use. One does not need design experience to use this tool. They offer a variety of artwork to choose from. They are limited when it comes to customization as text, colour and fonts are changeable but the design can not be altered. They charge a $39.99 fee to download the logo.


A user-friendly tool, that does not require design skills. They have lesser templates and options to choose from. However one can upload the current logo and customize it further which is unique. This is best for informal companies as the style of the logo template is loud and bold. The software costs $37 as a one time fee with unlimited logo edits.


LogoYes is a straightforward and simple platform. They have preset graphic icons and fonts that create a logo in no time. LogoYes has no special effects, so only small tweaks can be made. One can only use one graphic per logo. Their costs are $0.99 to download logo files.


This tool is best suited for people who do not want to design, but rather choose a logo option. One chooses colour, font, style and icons and the tool generates logos to choose from. Low resolution logos are charged at $20 per logo and high resolution logos are charged at $65 per logo.


Canva offers logo designs as well as different designing options. They have ampel templates to alter and choose from. They are user friendly. Most of their features are free but many elements are only available on their premium package that costs $1 per element.

Hatchful by Shopify

Hatchful is a mobile app and great for people on the move. They offer a wide selection of templates that one can choose from. They do offer free templates or premium templates from $8.99 each. With being a mobile app design is limited and not as easily usable.


Graphicsprings is user-friendly. They create logos automatically according to industry. Logos can be adjusted and more details can be added. They do not have templates so one would need some designing experience. The logo file can be downloaded for $19.99


Logaster is a convenient and speedy tool to use. They give suggested logos according to name and industry type. Logos can be customized if need be. Low quality logos are for free, however high quality logos are charged at $25 per logo.

Looka (LogoJoy)

Looka is another tool that uses the users colour, style and font preferences to generate logos to choose from, this makes them easy to use. The customization is quite limited and their designs are bold and intricate. They charg $20 for low resolution logos and $65 for high resolution logos.


TRUiC logo maker is our choice for the best overall logo design tool. They offer a free logo designer. W. They have hundreds of unique and professional logo templates to choose from, making the process even easier. They also offer a customizable option which allows users to edit and make the best logos for their business. They have several different types of logo choices like text-based logo design and icon or symbol designs. TRUiC’s logo maker is for free and logos can be downloaded in SVG or PNG format, this makes it possible to use on any digital or print platform without losing the quality of the design. They also offer users a lot of guidance and tips for how to design and choose a memorable logo for a company. This is why they are the number one choice.