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6 Mediums to Practice Your Creative Freedom

6 Mediums to Practice Your Creative Freedom

All of us have these preferences when it comes to art. Despite the discrepancies and differences that we have, we all have those common grounds when it comes to what is visually aesthetic or artistic, and how it could be used to portray visual arts and landscapes. More than that, we all have those materials that we can consider to customize its design and collaborate our arts preference and personality.

As art is subjective, we can always have a contradiction in choosing what is the best for us. Yet, beyond this, there are just objects that we are being inclined and caught up in due to their exemplar beauty and art. These objects have a high sense of elegance, abstractness, visual presence, and artistic value, among others, based on our perspectives, as we all know how to make our art, from our eyes and hands. For us to know these materials, let us proceed to this blog


No one can deny it, wristwatches are indeed a piece of craftsmanship and artistry. It exhibits exemplary art and beauty wherein an outstanding and great sense of art is being projected. When choosing a wristwatch, however, we must be careful and skeptical about choosing the best one that has a huge library of designs and styles.

Luckily, The Wristwatch Company has this Tommy Hilfiger Watches that offers a state-of-the-art collection from the Movado’s Group collaboration with the Tommy Hilfiger team. This collaboration has exhibited an outstanding work of art that everybody would love. From the fashion enthusiast to wristwatch professionals, grandeur artistry and rich cultural heritage juxtapose the never-ending beauty of The Watch Company’s conceptual designs and styles. These iconic eye-catching wrist watch collections have a pool of arts in various styles that you would take time and advantage to choose into its spectrum of options.


More than a visual improvement tool, eyeglasses are ideal for us to choose the best one for our aesthetic and artistic preferences. Eyeglasses are used to improve eyesight when it comes to clarity or just for protection, such as anti-radiation eyeglasses. Although some eyeglasses are only for aesthetics, the very idea is how they could improve our eyesight and self-confidence. What makes eyeglasses great is how they could impact our overall getup or projection.

What makes something creative? Do you know it when you see it?


Never forget your bag as the shelter of your crucial stuff and essentials. As we all have that business on academics, employment, travel, and a lot more, we all need a bag that we can always use. Yet, aside from usability is that we also want it to be personalized and be artistically inclined to our personality. Bags are indeed ideal for it as they could be customized or just by simply having a design that suits ourselves. When it comes to color, design, or style, bags have a lot more to offer than what you are expecting.

Phone Case

Phones seem to be one of the essential materials that we use for daily living. As one of its basic materials for its protection, a phone case has an important role in keeping our phone safe, and at the same time, keeping our phones near to our heart. What makes cell phone cases ideal is that they could be done or created just by DIY or any do-it-yourself practices when it comes to arts and crafts. Some of the art enthusiasts use clay and epoxy, for instance, to create unique and peculiar designs like miniature figures of viands, instruments, and other usual objects. It was truly cute and creative. Phone cases are indeed perfect for some artistic ideas where you can practice creative freedom.

Plain T-shirt

One of the most exciting moments that we want; t-shirt printing is indeed both satisfying and worth anticipating. Plain t-shirts are great for some personalization of designs and styles as it has an open space for your favorite quotes, characters, figures, and illustrations that will satisfy your artistic preference. Either for yourself or the squad, this one-of-a-kind artistic matter is always a bet.

Planner or Diary

Managing our day-to-day tasks and activities is always an important thing. A planner, or sometimes a diary, is a great way for us to show off our artistry and express ourselves while being productive. A planner could be designed as something motivating for us to push ourselves towards productivity, while the diary can be something aesthetic and artistically messy for us to forget perfection. Flaws are always beautiful, aren’t they?

In Conclusion

Whatever our art preference is, what matters is that we are happy with our artistic expression and art of choice. Creativity comes in different shapes and forms. The best thing about it is you can use any medium to express yourself! Make sure to pick one that suits your best interest!