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Admirals: A Clever And Safe Choice For Traders?

Admirals: A Clever And Safe Choice For Traders?

Admiral has been offering brokerage services in the UK, Australia, Cyprus, Estonia and many other countries in Europe in the past two decades. The company has over 200 employees and more than 22,000 active members with a market capitalization of about €36 million.

As a MetaTrader FX brokerage, Admiral uses the MetaQuotes Software Corporation platform suite and other advanced features that include MT4 Supreme volatility tools to protect clients from unnecessary losses when markets become volatile. It is a relatively fast platform that allows for quick trade executions.

The Admirals platform was designed with low latency and high-frequency trading needs in mind. It is thus a platform of choice when it comes to trend trading.

Trend Trading

It is a style of trading that relies on the direction of the asset and the momentum. The trader analyzes price movements, and once they establish the trend; they get into a trade. It could be a downward or an upward price movement. Typically, once a trend has been started, it may take a while before it collapses. Therefore, a trader who can accurately identify a trend and place a trade is likely to benefit from trend trading.

Typically trend traders will either go long when the price rises or go short when the prices are falling. An uptrend is characterized by higher swing highs and higher swing lows. On the other hand, a downtrend exhibits lower lows and lower swing highs.

So looking at swing highs and swing lows, traders accurately predict the direction in which a trend is moving and place their trades.

An admiral market is a recognized and regulated broker with a flawless system that allows it to aggregate liquidity from different banks into a single pool. The broker has received several certifications and enjoyed positive reviews from previous users.

Opening an account on the admiral market is easier and seamless for first-time users. The broker allows the user to choose MT4 or MT5 platforms depending on their needs. Also, it allows traders to choose between classic or advanced trading features. What’s more, the broker has a wide range of assets that includes Exchange Traded Funds to choose from.

Why Admiral Is The Best Market

With Admirals’ great trading features and favorable offerings no wonder that it is so popular to many traders nowadays. This platform is heavily regulated and features useful educational content. New traders practice trading using a demo account before financing a live account. It has a wide range of assets that gives traders the leeway to trade in their favorable assets. It also allows traders a leverage of 1:500 and the payments  can be done using credit cards, MasterCard, Skrill, POLi, Sofort, PayPal, Neteller, MasterCard, iDeal wire transfer and Swift. With a deposit of $100, a newbie trader can get started.

How Does Admiral Compare With Other Platforms

The most accurate way to tell if a  broker is a good option for a trader or not is to compare it from its competitors and to see what they can offer. If it offers more than the features you need, then that’s the one. Below can help you decide if you really want to trade with Admirals.

  • Admiral offers more features compared to other platforms
  • It offers versatile accounts which allow one to match the trading with demand. Traders can choose to trade on the MT5 account or the Meta trader 4 platforms. Also, they can choose zero MT5 or Zero MT4 accounts that feature different fee structures.
  • It is available for novice and experienced traders, who can use both MT5 and zero MT5 to trade stocks and ETFs. These accounts allow one to trade with a minimum deposit of 1 dollar. But the zero spread accounts cannot be used to trade crypto currencies, bonds and stocks.
  • New users have access to virtual funds of up to $10,000. The money is deposited in their demo account as soon as they open it. They can use the funds in whichever way they want to test the platform and horn up their trading skill. The demo account has a 15-minute delay but replicates real-time market data to increase trading accuracy.

Of course, you may consider plenty of other things before choosing a broker. However, the most vital ones are the products, commission and fees, leverage, and minimum deposit you must pay before getting started. Admiral Markets offer the most trading options and could be the best option if looking for an affordable broker.