Top ten different ways to gamble for free online
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Top 10 Tips How to Gamble for Free

Top 10 Tips How to Gamble for Free

The internet has undoubtedly made online gambling increasingly accessible to millions who wouldn’t have previously had access. Fascinatingly, it has been a proven way to make money without spending a dime. While this may sound crazy, it is the truth: the internet now offers limitless opportunities to make money from gambling without spending a dime. However, to have a firm grasp of virtual betting, you need to try out various strategies and be fascinated with the specificities of online betting.

Ten Ways to Gamble for Free Online

Even if you don’t mind playing with real money, free mode is a good opportunity to have some practice before. As such, you only need to find your way around playing games for free online. Here are the top 10 ways to get started playing online games for free.

Playing Free Spins

Free spins are opportunities for players to spin casino wheels. Especially, casino games like roulette offer ‘no deposit free spins for new players. Free spins are an incentive program to spur players into depositing to play the actual game. Free spins work by giving players a predetermined number of free spins in a slot machine. Often, they are used as welcome bonuses for a new player. In this case, you only need to open an account, which will be constantly credited with spins. You can then proceed to use these spins to play slot games. Sometimes, winnings from free spins are not withdrawable. The table below illustrates the different types of free spins available for bettors looking to gamble online for free:

Type of Free Spin Details
No Deposit-Free Spins Free spins no deposit are appealing as you can use them without a deposit. Usually, these spins are followed with special requirements. You can find a small number of free spins as well as a big one.
Deposit-Free Spins Contrary to no deposit free spins, you will need to deposit money to activate it. It, therefore, works by increasing the deposit you make in multiple folds.
Wager-Free Spins This is a new type of free spin. It eliminates the wagering requirement, making bonuses more attractive as you’re not required to meet wagering requirements. However, this type of free spins is very scarce.

No Deposit Bonuses

Although no deposit bonuses are controversial, they are still one of the handy ways to start playing without spending your money. No deposit bonuses are given freely to players, especially new ones, to start playing without paying. However, no deposit bonuses are bounded by wagering requirements. That is, you are required to deposit a potential multiplication of the initial bonus you were given. So, for example, if you are given $50 as a no deposit bonus, under a 10x wagering requirement, you must have played a bet of $500 before your winnings can be withdrawable.

Other wagering requirements are extreme, as some casinos place a 15x requirement. Nevertheless, no deposit bonuses are decent options to start playing for free online. No deposit bonuses are categorized into free cash and spins, essentially directed to making players get acquainted with gambling and play for real money without their investment. No deposit bonuses are relatively easy to get but vary. For instance, for some, you only need to register by filling out the necessary information about yourself, which includes confirming your email address and phone number.  Some sites require being active on social networks, and a repost triggers the bonus. In other cases, users are to visit the streamer channel and subscribe to it. It is essential to read and understand the wagering requirement before selecting the No Deposit Bonus option.


Matched Betting

Matched betting is a common method where players mathematically generate profits from the provisions of free bets and promotions offered by betting companies or sites. However, Matched betting is relatively complex to play, and you must understand basic terminologies to get started on the right foot. There are two types of matched betting:

  • A Back Bet: A “back bet” is a unilateral stake on an outcome to pass. For example, if you bet on England to win and it happens, you win the bet. But, conversely, if England loses or draws, you entirely lose the bet.
  • A Lay Bet: A lay bet is betting against an outcome. An example is betting against England winning a match. In an event England draws or loses, you win.

Essentially, matched betting works by cancelling the risk on the ‘back’ bet on online bookies by betting against yourself, that is, ‘laying a bet’ in a betting platform. After playing your first bet, you’ll be awarded a free bet, which is where you’ll make the profit.

Reward Multipliers

Slots often provide incentive programs for new and existing users. These programs include the aforementioned no deposit bonus and reward multipliers. As the name suggests, the reward multiplier increases players’ winnings. In addition, they are always available within a specified period, allowing players to win more irrespective of their existing bonuses. For instance, if a player plays a slot when his reward multiplier status is active, his earnings or winnings will be significantly multiplied. Reward multipliers vary in different casinos, making it essential to read and understand the terms and conditions before you start playing.

Bonuses Referral

As the name suggests, referrals work by introducing a new player to a casino website. This works by getting allocated a coupon code or link, which activates a free bonus when a new player registers with the link. Bonuses are dependent on the number of players that registers through your link. It is important to note that referral bonuses are pretty uncommon as few casino sites provide them.

High Roller Rewards

Some casinos reward players with substantial deposits with what is known as a ‘high roller’ bonus. Casinos often consider these players VIP and grant them access to privileges like free slot tournaments. Winners get rewards in the form of cash prizes and free bonuses. Selecting a player as a VIP distinctly differs. For example, some casinos regard minimum deposits of $500 as VIPs and offer high roller rewards. Like all bonuses mentioned above, you must read the associated Terms and Conditions before accessing the VIP programs or bonuses.

Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty programs provide incentives for existing members. It usually rewards long-existing players who have reached a particular milestone. Loyalty programs vary and are often determined by players’ actions. This may include when a player makes their 10,000th bet, etc. Popular loyalty bonuses include:

  • Level-Up Systems: This works by getting bonuses when a player reaches a new level in a casino.
  • Loyalty Points: These are rewards in the form of points that are usually converted to credits.
  • Missions or Challenges: Player gets bonuses when they succeed in a task or challenge. These rewards could be in the form of tokens, coins, and free spins.


Welcome Bonus

As the name suggests, welcome bonuses are given to newly registered casino players. Welcome bonuses could be free bonuses that enable you to play or multiplier bonuses, which means your deposits will be multiplied upon a first deposit. Welcome bonuses work differently in various casino sites. In most cases, some are generally more player-friendly; certainly, the biggest doesn’t necessarily equate to being the best. In fact, small bonuses can imply more value in the long run. This is because welcome bonuses come with requirements that need to be met. As we initially explained, the requirement could be 15x requirement.

Monthly Reward

Monthly rewards are incentive programs provided by casinos, rewarding players based on completing or meeting monthly milestones. For example, some casino sites reward users with free or multiplier bonuses when a player fulfils a monthly deposit requirement. Another feature is the game of month occasion, where players get bonuses from the games listed. Also, monthly tournaments or competitions are often provided with incentivizing rewards attached.

New Game Reward

New game rewards are popular promotions in several casinos. Casino sites incentivize players to play when experimenting with a new game option. This works by creating a bonus to the newly released game, which gets activated if a player clicks it to play. Software providers sometimes make these offers for their new games.


Several casinos provide incentives to sustain the interest of new and existing players on their sites. These bonuses work in fascinating ways, a few of which don’t necessarily require players to deposit before playing. As a result, new and existing players can play and win on these casinos without spending a dime through no deposit, welcome bonus, and free spins. It is, however, essential to note that wagering requirements bound these bonuses. Other ways to play for free include loyalty programs, monthly and new game rewards, and matched betting, to name a few.