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Best estate agent tools that help to grow your business

Best estate agent tools that help to grow your business

The most flourishing and in-demand business at all times of the year is the estate agency sector, irrespective of the location. Working as an estate agent involves guiding buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants through the buying, selling, letting or renting process, helping with finding potential clients for them, helping them to close the deal quickly and more. Handling real estate business as a private agent or as a team is a challenging job that requires a variety of additional support. Many estate agent marketing tools in the UK have emerged in the past few years to help estate agents work proficiently and grow their business exponentially. Keeping track of so much information can be challenging at times. However, digital tools tailored to specific objectives will offer more efficiency in your routine workflow. 


Estate agents will have to constantly lookout for quality leads or potential customers. Online tools like Spark provide services like DIY registration forms that can be used to collect the information of prospects to be used later on. Email marketing tools and lead generation through websites are also promising methods for estate agents in the long term.


Visibility is vital to being the most reliable and go-to agent in your area. Customized emails, video marketing, social media scheduling tools, and more, all play a significant role in marketing the services of an estate agent. Running automation carefully for social media and emails can be a time-saving solution. Websites like CORE, Hootsuite, Bomb Bomb are a few options that estate agents can pick from a sea of possibilities.


Customer relationship management is an essential part of any estate agency. Having a definite set of goals is necessary when estate agents are on the hunt for new leads. CRM tools help track prospects, customer communications, and send reminder emails at regular intervals. Segregating warm and cold leads is easier now, making the agent’s work an effortless one. Software like HubSpot sales hub and Contractually are two of the many preferred tools by estate agents.


One of the main responsibilities of an estate agent includes helping buyers and sellers connect with the right mortgage lenders. These tools are easy to use and do not require much technical knowledge. With mortgage calculators, it becomes easier to determine whether the potential buyer is eligible to afford a property, calculate the mortgage and interest rates, monthly payoffs and more. There are plenty of free mortgage calculators available online delete this part of the sentence

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An open house is one of the best ways to bring in more potential buyers. As many are considering viewing a property from the comfort of their home, this is a time-saving solution that will ensure the safety of your customers. Estate agents have now added virtual tours to their package, which involves creating videos that look professional and neat. User-friendly tools like Animoto, Magic plan, and Showing suite serve this purpose.


When estate agents work together as a team, everyone must stay on the same page without getting baffled by last minute decisions. Estate agency often involves too many steps before reaching the final stage. To keep a constant check at every stage of the buying, selling, letting or renting journey, having a fixed workflow or process is necessary. Simple online tools like Trello, Asana, Google Drive or Dropbox can be of great help for this very purpose. People who belong to that team alone will have access to this.


Drafting property documents is a long process that will require multiple rounds of edits by the estate agent. Closing the deal is the most significant part of the process. Everything from digital signatures, writing the contract, storing information, to dealing with payments can be handled in a single place without having to search for alternatives. Online tools like Qualia, DocuSign, Dotloop do not require prior technical knowledge to operate them. By using this software, you can work with utmost privacy and speed.