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Dive Into Sophistication: Omega Aqua Terra Collection

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Looking for a watch that is perfect for underwater activities but will still let you slay on any occasion? Then, Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra is the perfect timepiece for you. Its name alone brings you to the sunny, salty air and hair vibes as you enjoy the summer breeze on a beach. These watches are curated to counterpart the ocean with their sleek and sporty design.

These watches are great companions everywhere you go because their beauty is truly eye-catching. The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra collection caters to both men and women with its pristine, elegant, and balanced designs.

Introducing the Omega Seamaster

When we hear Omega Seamaster our minds automatically think of James Bond. Although this is greatly popularized by its association with James Bond, this timepiece proves that it is more than that if we would take a closer look at it. Omega Seamaster is a vintage popular timepiece ever since it was brought out to the market on the 100th year celebration of Omega since its establishment in 1948.

Before debuting Omega Seamaster, Omega was already known to be a great producer of high-quality watches for divers. Professional divers all over the world extremely trust Omega’s timepieces with the watch they use in their expeditions. Since the debut in 1948, the crowd favorite Omega Seamaster swept the diving and horology worlds off their feet.

With extreme confidence in Omega Seamaster’s quality, the Omega watch engineers attached one outside an aircraft bound to the North Pole in 1956 to prove that it is indeed heavy-duty. In the following year, Seamaster 300 dominated the industry for underwater use with its ability to dive over 200 meters. Jacques Cousteau, a prominent oceanographer, along with his crew of divers, all wore this particular timepiece as they went with their famous 1963 Conshelf II experiments.

Omega Seamaster

Unique Features of the Aqua Terra Collection

These timepieces are designed to fit any situation with their modern sophisticated look. These luxury watches promise many essential features aside from their neat and symmetrical look. It has a full-minute scale around the inner rim, a date window, and a strap that is specially selected as a complimentary finish to the watch.

The Seamaster Aqua Terra watch does not only look sophisticated, but it is also sensible. It can effortlessly endure 15 bars of water pressure, which is 100 feet or 150 meters, with its water-resistant feature.

So, in any place and circumstance, you wish to be, you can count on your Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra watch for precision and dependability. More for than a century now, Omega watches have been making a name by assuring the integrity, preciseness, and stability of their timepieces.

Which Aqua Terra Watch Should You Choose?

The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra was revamped to provide a  fresh, outstanding, and classic look that still promises a comfortable fit. In terms of comfort and look, the collection for ladies is spectacularly appealing. Omega quoted this stating that, “The bracelets include re-proportioned and domed links that give a more feminine appearance.”

Aqua Terra endorses stainless steel or 18ct gold cases, even a combination of the two is available. These cases are seamlessly incorporated with the bracelets for a promising look and extra comfortable fit.

The dials of the Aqua Terra men’s collection are available in a variety of eminent colors such as brown, black, grey, silver, or blue. This is perfect for a wide spectrum of men’s preferences. The straps come in leather, stainless steel, and a ‘structured’ rubber.

The ladies’ collection offers luxurious pieces that feature a captivating variation and structure of jewels set in the 18ct cases. They even offer diamond hour markers. More so, the dials of this collection are available in fourteen different colors, which include a lovely mother of pearl variant.


Although it is curated to provide timepieces for divers and underwater professionals, this Omega Seamaster still paved the way for fashion use. These sporty yet sophisticated timepieces of Omega Seamaster are a must-have in everyone’s closet. Its water-resistance function immensely lives up to its name. Besides, it is extremely flexible with every occasion because it gives you that classic and casual look at once. This is not only luxurious and flashy but rather classic and durable too that is worth its selling price. The wide variety of designs also gives you a chance to explore your taste and choose the best watch for you.

Up to this day, Omega Seamaster is still the best pick as an important companion on an expedition by elite divers around the world. The unyielding popularity Omega Seamaster earned for the past decades says a lot about how immensely perfect these timepieces are quality-wise. That said, be sure to check out WatchShopping.com for amazing deals and authentic timepieces!