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Eight Success Tactics to Improve Customer Engagement in Business

Eight Success Tactics to Improve Customer Engagement in Business

New clients are essential for the growth of your business. However, you need to retain your customers to realize the change too. A combination of new clients and return clients would increase your sales, and ultimately your revenue. Meaning, you have to ensure that you implement ways to improve customer engagement. You have to ensure that these strategies are engaging in prompting the customers to come for a repurchase. The following is a list of tactics you can employ to boost customer engagement.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is an efficient way to improve customer engagement. You would customize the ad you would post on the digital screen. A digital signage software would ensure that you customize these ads to your best interest. Therefore, when clients visit your store, they will find ads played on these screens. You don’t have to be there to convince them to buy the products, as the digital screens will do that for you. Also, you’ll be including your business information in the ads, and they can save them when they need the products or services at a later date.

‘Tag a Friend’ Contest

Customers like when their efforts are appreciated. When you can reward these clients, they would return to buy more of your products. For instance, when you establish a tag a friend contest, these customers would bring new clients to your business but return for a repurchase. Clients would return to where they are appreciated, and such a contest would be an excellent way to attract them back.

Appreciate Reviews

Ensure that you provide platforms that customers can use to give reviews. Platforms like Facebook and Yelp and rich sources of reliable reviews. These reviews will help you get more clients when these customers are satisfied. Also, appreciating these reviews would encourage the client to return for a repurchase. They feel that they are part of something bigger.

Post Helpful and Relevant Content

Educating your client keeps them engaged. When you sell products and services, ensure that you post relevant content related to the products or services on your social media pages and website. When they are stuck, they can rely on your sources for guide. Such rich content will make the clients trust you as you will give them the guidance they need before they make a purchase. As a result, they will return to your shop when they need these products since they trust you.

Emails and Newsletters

When you have a customer buy from your business, you can keep their contacts, but he/she has to agree. Therefore, whenever you have any offer, you can always alert them. Emails and newsletters have proven to be an efficient way to engage customers who already had a purchase. Ensure that these emails are relevant so that they don’t deem relevant to the target clients. When they click your emails, you’ll know that they trust you and would consider a repurchase.

Customer Community

When you serve a customer, you don’t expect it to be the last time you would interact. It is essential to have the client engaged so that they can return. Therefore, creating a customer community on your social media platforms would be a good deal to hear from them. You can ask them areas in which you need to improve and have them give their thoughts.

When you consider your customers’ views on the tailor of your products and services, they would feel appreciated and would have no reason to hinder them from returning for a repurchase.


No one wants to buy a product or service at a high price when they can find the same quality at a lower price. Providing discounts and offers will not only guarantee new clients but returning clients. Post these offers on your social media pages and digital signage to attract as many clients as possible.

Improve Customer Service

How you treat your customers would influence their return rate. Ensure that those you post at the cashier and waiting room have an excellent customer service experience. They ought to guide the customers and not rough them in any way. Clients don’t like when they are treated like trash and would not return in such a case. Also, those you employ at the call centre should be polite when they talk to clients and are picking calls as soon as they receive them.

In case of any question, they need to clarify politely, even when the client is arrogant. As long as the client feels appreciated, they would want to return when they want a second purchase.

If you want clients to return to your business, you need to treat them better. Also, you need to be creative to gain a competitive advantage. Customer engagement is vital for your business growth.