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Georgia Car Insurance Quotes

Car Insurance

You may be on a very tight budget, and friends in Georgia recommended that you gather different quotes to save me money in the long run. You have a few motor car insurance quotes at hand already, but how can you make use of them effectively?

Before you can compare the various motor car insurance quotes you collected from many Georgia sources, there is one crucial thing you should do. Determine what you need from your auto insurance policy, or what is the same, what type of auto insurance you need. Based on your state’s minimum required insurance coverage, how much do you need?

Also, you must determine if you need additional types of car insurance on top of the mandatory third-party liability coverage. Will the additional types of car insurance be very beneficial in your situation? If you think you will always get stranded, then you need additional coverage such as rental car insurance coverage.

Check out the various motor car insurance quotes. Determine which ones fit your car insurance coverage needs and what car insurance quotes contain the types of coverage that you actually need. Eliminate those quotes that do not meet your needs and those with extra car insurance coverage types that you don’t need.

Georgia Auto Insurance Rates

Auto insurance in Georgia is mandatory. Do you think that premiums would be through the roof, as are the premiums in all states that require auto insurance?

You would be pleasantly surprised that auto insurance in Georgia is not as expensive as you think! In 2018, Georgia was actually the fifth cheapest state as far as auto insurance premiums are concerned, averaging only $603! That average even went further down a year later at only $590.

Be sure to go comparison shopping. Fortunately, you can compare many low down payment car insurance quotes provided by various insurers in the state. Get a lot of free quotes and estimates from different insurance companies by calling them up. But if you are from out of state, the Internet might be a better option for you. What is more, some websites like Rodney D Young Insurance allow you to compare quotes from as many as five to ten companies!

Figure Out Just What Kind of Coverage You Need

There are set minimum requirements for auto insurance in Georgia, but you might also opt for additional add-ons that are not required by the state. Do not pay for coverage you do not want; this will ensure that you get more value for your money and keep the premiums down. So, how much should you budget?

To wit, the minimum liability coverage in Georgia is as follows:

  • $10,000 limit for property damage;
  • $25,000/$50,000 limit for bodily injury (both for uninsured and insured); and
  • $4,500 medical and $900 work loss personal injury protection.

What Insurance Quotes Meet Your Insurance Coverage Amount Needs?

You need to know which quotes meet the state-required minimum car insurance coverage amount. Eliminate those that don’t meet your needs. Also, you must ask yourself if you need more insurance coverage than the amount required by law. How much more do you need?

In addition, what’s your budget for your insurance in Georgia and how much per month do you have to spend on this motor car insurance? Check the motor car insurance quotes that fit your budget.

Once you have narrowed your options for your car insurance. It should be easier for you to decide which ones you’ll buy your car insurance policy from.

Filing A Claim in Georgia with an Auto Insurance Carrier

Let’s check the following example: “They denied my claim and told me I was no longer covered, but I didn’t notice this. What does the law say about this, and what can I do to rectify it?”

If you don’t know why or how your auto insurance policy was canceled, you need to determine the cause from your auto insurance carrier. If you already know the reason why it was canceled and still feel it wasn’t right, or you weren’t able to get proper notification, you can get in touch with the Georgia Department of Insurance to ask for consumer help.

As per the GA Department of Insurance guidelines, throughout the first 60 days of coverage under a new insurance policy, the insurer could terminate the policy for any legal reason. After 60 days, Georgia laws mainly say that auto insurance could not be terminated if not for the following reasons:

  • Non-payment of insurance premium upon the due date
  • Insurance acquired by means of fraudulent misrepresentation
  • The policyholder breaches the terms and conditions of the policy
  • The policyholder, a member of the household, or an individual who regularly operates the motor vehicle with consent has
    • a suspended or revoked driver’s license during the term of the policy
    • tends to have heart attacks or has epilepsy and could not provide a physician certificate that shows the capability to operate a vehicle
    • convicted during the 36 months right after the effectivity of the auto insurance policy or while the policy is in force because of:
      • any felony
      • vehicular homicide
      • operation of a motor vehicle while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs
      • theft of a motor vehicle
      • leaving the scene of an accident without reporting it
      • creating false statements on an application for a driver’s license
      • having three moving violations in a period of 18 months

Except for non-payment of auto insurance premium, the insurer should send a minimum of 30-day written notice of their cancelation. Also, policyholders are not given a grace period for their auto insurance payment, so they have to pay it on or before the due date, or the policy will be canceled.

Saving Money On Auto Insurance in Georgia

But there are things that you could do further to drive down the premiums on your auto insurance. You don’t even have to pay the full amount due at once immediately. There are payment options to divide the total cost into smaller increments so that you can pay for it monthly.

Higher deductibles, less coverage, being a safe and defensive driver, driving less, driving a low maintenance car, all of these simple things can also help you keep your premiums down. Consult with agents dealing with auto insurance to make sure that you are aware of your options to get car insurance under 100.

Lastly, do not hesitate to ask for discounts! Companies that offer auto insurance in the state are in a very heated competition to get your business, so they will be more than willing to throw in many discounts for you!

Compare many online quotes from reputable companies. At Good to Go Insurance company you can find out how much the offered insurance policies cost.