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How to Improve your Content Marketing Strategy for your Software Company

How to Improve your Content Marketing Strategy for your Software Company

Every software company strives to increase its revenue. But that calls for determination, and the company must have an effective digital marketing strategy. For your company to survive the stiff competition amidst technological advancement, it’s essential to up your Saas content marketing strategy to meet your customer’s needs.

Content marketing is an excellent lead generation tool, especially for software companies. With a superb content strategy, your software business will win the trust of potential buyers. Besides, it helps generate more leads and translate the leads to sales.

Ways of Improving Content Marketing Strategy

Essentially, a superb content marketing plan improves the primary goals of software marketers. These are goals such as generating leads, building trust, lead nurturing, and thought leadership. Below are things you should do to optimize your digital content marketing;

Have A Content Plan

A good content schedule template plan includes a process and a schedule. The plan is meant to optimize the success of your company’s content marketing efforts. For the process, you’ll have to elaborate on the iteration and approval process. Iteration is essential as it helps companies gain experience from their prior efforts. That way, they can make better plans.

Brand Journalism

It’s an incredible strategy of building trust, advocacy, and loyalty among customers. By embracing brand journalism practice, you’ll strengthen the relationship between you and customers. You’ll gain their trust, and this means more sales. To resonate with customers, you can adopt a story-telling approach. Also, an employee’s interview would bring all the difference.

Have an Active Online Presence

According to Google, over 90% of customers who end up shopping online stores, search for products and services online. Only a small percentage of research offline and these findings also apply to tech shoppers.

Your software development company can take advantage of this fact and establish an active online presence. That will give your company an upper hand, as most of your prospective clients are online. Be sure to provide informative content on how you can help your customers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing helps generate leads. That’s because content plays a central role in email marketing. But that doesn’t mean that you fill your customers’ email with sales copy. You should only forward helpful content. For instance, you can share reports, stories, and insights that will attract the interest of your customers.

Most important is that email marketing is affordable and measurable. Unfortunately, most companies do not use emails the right way and they miss the point. To avoid making the same mistakes, keep SPAM flags and unsubscribes as low as possible. At least, capitalize on relevance, brevity, and quality.


Videos will grab the attention of your target audience. However, videos require serious planning and more resources, unlike blog content. But it’s worth the effort since they are excellent marketing pieces. There are a variety of themes that work great with video in software marketing. Some include entertaining, instructional, and educational videos. Instructional videos are a great starting point to market your software product.


Webinars play a crucial role in content marketing for a software company. A webinar relies on content throughout the event. They not only educate prospective customers, but they build trust as well. Also, they help to generate leads when you connect with prospects who wish to know more about your software solution in the course of the live event.