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How to Identify Which Incorporation Service Provider to Choose

How to Identify Which Incorporation Service Provider to Choose

Whether you are just a starting entrepreneur, or a business owner incorporating his existing business, the ins and outs of a company will run you to exhaustion and stress. This circumstance is where the demand for corporate service providers comes. Business owners benefit a great deal from hiring professionals to manage particular business activities and functions. And it is even more crucial that you acquire professional services during incorporation to ensure that you complete the process the first time.

Selecting the right incorporation service provider, however, is quite tricky. You have to consider a lot of factors, including your budget and capacity. This article outlines the steps on how to evaluate an incorporation service provider properly. Further, we provide the top reasons why it is essential to find your company’s right incorporation service provider.

Benefits of Choosing a Suitable Incorporation Service Provider

Everyone wants to achieve full efficiency in everything they do, but not everyone can gain it. This fact is true even in business incorporation. And that is why entrepreneurs hire professional incorporation agents to process the application for incorporation for them efficiently. 

Having a professional handle the incorporation will expedite things for you and free up your time going to and waiting in government offices for the process to finish. You can use this time to handle crucial business matters like hiring staff or looking for additional funding. The only thing you have to worry about the incorporation is preparing the necessary documents for the incorporation firm to process.

Furthermore, you can ensure that you process your business registration and incorporation with an incorporation service provider right the first time. With experts knowing the ins and outs, you’ll know the requirements of incorporating your specific kind of business. Additionally, the service provider can also address your issues, queries and concerns any time you have them.

Lastly, the right service provider will be able to provide you with your corporate needs. For example, you may need to process an entrepreneur pass (EntrePass) or employment pass (E-Pass) if you are a foreign investor. Or suppose you are looking for a competent corporate secretary within the prescribed period. The right corporate service provider will be your one-stop solution for your existing or arising corporate needs.

Steps on Evaluating Incorporation Service Provider

To make sure that you choose the right incorporation service provider for you, we outline for you the steps on how to properly evaluate them.

Understanding Which Stage Your Company Is at and Its Business Needs

Before going forth and looking for an incorporation service provider, it would be beneficial to know your business goals. Identifying critical business needs will make it easier to decide whether a corporation would best lead you to achieve your objectives and plans. This will help you determine which stage your company is at and how your service provider will help you. 

If you are starting with only a business idea, you need not worry. The right incorporation service provider will help you go through the incorporation process. If you choose the right firm, their agents can provide consultation and help you map out your business.

Experience and Expertise Provided by the Service Provider

After the introspection, you should now be able to know what corporate services you need. The next step is to make a list of the available corporate service providers in your area. The strengths and expertise in your list must be able to provide for your business needs. For example, if you are an SME business owner, you would want to have a service provider specialising in registering or incorporating SMEs.

It is preferable if your service provider has an office close to you. This way, you can meet their agent face-to-face and relay your concerns verbally. In this manner, you would also get a response immediately and discuss matters that you have a little grasp. Furthermore, meeting your incorporation agent will give you an immediate understanding of how they handle clients. You would want a service provider who knows what he’s doing and gives your case the attention it needs.

Package Costs and Time Efficiency Provided by the Service Provider

More than getting the services you need, your budget will also be another consideration in finding an incorporation service provider. The key to this is knowing what funds you can spare for incorporation services.  Once you have the estimate, you can look up for firms who offer services within your budget. Additionally, you can also inquire directly with the service provider to work out your budget with your business needs.

Live-chat Support to Answer Your Questions

Lastly, research whether the service providers in your list have live-chat support for queries and other concerns. This feature will be quite helpful once your incorporation application is in process.  You would want to have a way to contact your agent or make general inquiries about your application. 

Why 3E Accounting Is the Preferred Choice for Incorporation Service

Are you looking for the best incorporation service provider in Singapore? 3E Accounting is the solution to your incorporation and other corporate needs. Having pride in our competent teams and system, we ensure that we provide top-quality services to our clients.

Accreditations & Awards Received, Incorporated >4000 Companies

There is a reason why, starting only in 2011, we already have successfully incorporated over 4000 companies. That is because we value our clients’ business goals, and we do our best to provide them with what they need. Various stakeholders recognise these too, granting 3E Accounting accreditations and awards marking the firm as a top corporate service provider in Singapore.

One-stop Solution for Business Needs in Singapore

In addition to providing incorporation services, 3E Accounting also has many other business services. These services include immigration, secretarial, bookkeeping, accounting, taxation, and audit services, among others. Having these services available makes our firm a one-stop solution to different business needs. 

Assist in Incorporation Within 2 Hours

Incorporation is now much more straightforward in Singapore, and with the help of our 3E Accounting teams, you can complete your company incorporation in mere two hours. Our firm is a recognised filing agent of the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA). This makes us very-well equipped to handle business incorporation from any industries.

Professionals to Look After Your Business Needs

The one big perk you get when acquiring incorporation services is having professionals handling your incorporation. With our competent incorporation agents in 3E Accounting, you can count on us to handle your business with care and professionalism. You can be at ease, knowing that our staff are very competent and experienced in dealing with your corporate needs.

Competitive Package Fees With Free Value-added Services

Are you worried about not being able to afford professional incorporation services? 3E Accounting offers an array of competitive packages at reasonable rates. You’d also be glad to know that our service packages come with free value-added service that is sure to kick-start your company properly.

Set up a company in Singapore with the aid of 3E Accounting incorporation experts. Contact us today to learn more about our incorporation service packages and how our teams can help you reach your business goals.