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Know About the Several Misconceptions About  

Know About the Several Misconceptions About  

A time will come when you will look at your bed and notice that the beddings look a bit outdated and worn out. Even when you try to have it cleaned thoroughly, it still will not look good the same as before. That would be the perfect time to get yourself some new beddings to invigorate the bed and its entire surroundings.

But before you go online and buy Double Size Quilt Cover Sets, it would be best to learn about the several misconceptions about beddings. You might have friends or families that would try to tell you the wrong information about beddings, which could ruin your decision making into getting the perfect beddings for your bed.

Misconception #1: Higher Thread Count Means Superior Quality

Some people use thread count as a basis whether the beddings are solid and durable or cheaply made. They think that the higher the thread count, the more luxurious it will be. However, that is not entirely the truth because even a superior sheet has at least a 300 to 400 thread count. After all, only so many thread pieces can fit into a particular space.

Even better, manufacturers have been recognized to add extra threads named “picks” to increase the thread count to thousands without improving the finish’s quality. If you find cheaply priced sheets with a thread count above 600 or more, that would be the time to become sceptical.

Misconception #2: Cotton Will Feel the Same All the Time

One misconception that some think about beddings is that they think that all cotton beddings will feel the same. They do not know that they can find many distinct cotton beddings with specific woven fabrics. You might come across beddings that have “oxford weaves,” which means that it has double the warp threads than weft threads, which can achieve a heavy and soft feel.

You also have another weaving technique called the “percale.” Meaning, the threads are crossed over and under, and bedding manufacturers ensure they weave it tightly to create a matte finish and clean and crisp texture. Lastly, you have the “sateen weave,” which has weft threads tightly crammed together, producing a high lustre and silky feeling on one part of the fabric.

Misconception #3: Always Use the Hottest Cycle When Washing Sheets

If you have a washing machine at home, you might have the idea to put it on the hottest cycle to clean the sheets effectively. However, you need to know that washing 100% cotton beddings using the hottest cycle can cause them to shrink. Hot water and hot and long dryer settings will not go well with natural, soft fibres like Pima and Egyptian cotton.

Misconception #4: It Is Okay to Wash Beddings Using Heavy Detergent

It would be best to stock up on light detergent if you want to keep your beddings clean all the time. If you have nothing else to use except hard detergent, you shouldn’t use them because you will damage them faster. Even putting too much detergent will be bad for the beddings’ material, especially if they are of fine quality. Using light detergent is a must since your sheets never need heavy washing unless there is a stain on the material. You can only use heavy detergent on a specific part of the sheets, but never on the entire thing.

Ensure you never believe the several misconceptions mentioned above if you want to get the right Double Size Quilt Cover Sets and take care of them better.