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Labor Law Posters: How to Be Compliant

Labor law posters How to be compliant

It’s nothing new that staying compliant with both state and federal law and regulations regarding business transactions, operations, and other guidelines are essential to ensure your business stays pro-active and has prolonged productivity. One of the most crucial, and many times overlooked compliance matters for new business owners and in bigger organizations is ensuring that the right labor law poster is clearly displayed for all employees to see.

Although these posters may vary, as several factors can influence which labor law poster you would require – it’s important for business owners to stay on top of current labor law jurisdictions, changes, and the necessary mandates issued by both state and federal government.

Why Should Businesses Display Labor Law Posters?

The ultimate goal of labor law posters is to inform all employees about their rights and obligations in the workplace. Different businesses, in different sectors, will have a set of established rules, rights, and obligations for both employers and employees. These posters also give the employee a way to understand how to deal and respond to any employer overstepping their rights and responding appropriately.

For years, many entrepreneurs have found themselves having to deal with government authorities and officials concerning the display and appropriate use of labor law posters. Failing to display the right or accurate labor law poster can have certain consequences, attracting citations and various fines. These fines can range from anything between $110 to as much as $35,000. Fines are subject to the size of your business, the number of employees, and in which category your business may fall under.

How to Be Compliant with State and Federal Law

There are several ways you can ensure your business stays compliant with state and federal law regarding the display and use of the appropriate labor law poster.

Ensure You Know That There Are Different Labor Law Posters

Depending on the nature of your business, this can also include the physical size, operations, and the number of employees – you will need to make sure that your business obtains the most recently published and up-to-date poster.

Be Aware of Online Labor Law Posters

Although the internet is filled with various labor law posters and OSHA posting regulations, many business owners and entrepreneurs have seen that some websites only offer limited access to the posters which they will require. Government websites are your best choice, as it will clearly outline all the needed requirements your business needs to meet to obtain the right set of posters.

Using and Contacting Labor Law Agencies

The very best way to ensure compliance is to contact an agency that works and specializes in labor law. These companies have all the needed information and research at their disposal.

Avoid Tedious Research Tactics

As already mentioned, contacting your nearest labor law agency will help make the process less tedious and time-consuming. More so, these agencies will have a completed system of the required notices and posters you will need to display to ensure your business remains compliant.

Protect Posters from Alterations, Defacement, and/or Theft

OSHA posters and posting regulations and the Employee Rights Under the National Labor Relations Act poster will have clear guidelines on how employers should make use of their posters and how to protect it. This is a major issue for most business owners and employers, as theft and defacement of these posters can occur – especially in businesses where large groups of employees work.

Preventing Alterations

Alterations or loss to your labor law poster is also a critical issue for some employers. In most cases, the poster will be clearly stated at the bottom that it’s an official government notice and that any unlawful alterations and adjustments to the poster can be met with citations or fines. In this event, employers can laminate their posters, or display them in a glass enclosure in breakrooms and employee lounges.

The most important aspect for any employer to stay compliant with regulations set out by the labor law is to ensure that they stay up to date with any adjustments and alterations brought forth to current labor law jurisdiction and labor law posters.