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Positive and Negative Emotions in CFD Trading

Positive and Negative Emotions in CFD Trading

Emotion is one of those major issues that are responsible for losing trades and investments. Because of wrong placement and emotions, many traders lose trades or miss several opportunities to make profits. After losing trades, people become depressed and leave the market because they become too scared to come back to lose their capital. In this article, we will help these newbies so that they can understand the positive and negative feelings.

Before we discuss further, at first, we will know about the negative emotions that may arise among the traders.

What Are The Negative Emotions?

Money that we deposit in the CFD industry is hard-earned. Therefore, while using this investment, every people should be careful about using this. The negative vibes are considered a vital obstacle in making progress or profits. To overcome them, firstly, a newbie should know about these negative feelings –

Frustration And Depression

It takes place after losing a series of deals in a row. The rookies get frustrated when their trading plan doesn’t work and earn a profit. As a result, they don’t get confidence in placing more orders and become psychologically sick of the business platform. Visit https://www.home.saxo/en-sg/products/cfds and study more about the CFD trading environment so that you can gain confidence like the Singaporean trader.


Beginners feel panicked when they use higher risk, and the market starts moving against their luck. It happens when the beginners don’t care to use the stop-loss limit or follow any risk to reward ratio. The situation becomes terrible, and mentally weak traders can feel paralyzed.


It happens when the beginners notice that the price has started moving upward after he sells his currency at the support level.


It is a common attitude among most of the newbies. After winning a few deals, they want to earn more profits. As a result, these people start placing more deals and begin overtrading. At the same time, they take a greater position. But none of these help them when there is a huge market failure.

What Are The Positive Emotions?

Trading in the Forex market is quite challenging because every human will have to face the negative vibes after coming to this industry. To maintain the balance, we have to overcome the feelings as well as to develop positive ones. Developing a few positive feelings helps the traders to build a winning mentality. Some of these positive emotions are –


Positive and Negative Emotions in CFD Trading

Always Think Positively

Even if you lose a few trades, don’t get frustrated. No matter what happens in the trading journey, stay motivated, and stand firm. Before taking any action, think about it positively. Build up your confidence level, and this is trading psychology.

Don’t Rush. Stay patient

Many newbies often rush to place their deals, which is not a good idea. Experts always advance patiently. Firstly, they analyze the market and find out potential entry and exit points. If you are not finding an opportunity to enter trading, wait for it. Let the chance come to you.

Stay Motivated

Forex trading is regarded as one of the most challenging professions. Therefore, it is true that you will face a lot of obstacles in this journey. Don’t lose hope. Keep learning because knowledge will keep you motivated. Believe in yourself, and don’t let the failure demotivate you.

Keep Taking Lessons

Facing losses is normal, and even the reputed traders and professionals face it. But the difference between the experts and the novices is – experts never get frustrated, and they keep learning from their mistakes. On the other hand, novices become frustrated easily and become stressed.

Prepare For The Worst

It is a legendary dialogue – we should take the best preparation but should be ready to face the worst. This kind of attitude also helps an investor to cope up with his bad times.

These are the major negative and positive emotions across the rookies. They should focus on developing positive ones to overcome psychological problems while trading.