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Making Your Office Move Less Stressful

Making Your Office Move Less Stressful

Research shows that 74% of professionals who move with their company find the change uncomfortable. Other surveys by health researchers show that relocation ranks fifth among the five worst stressors in a person’s life, including death, divorce, job loss, and severe illness.

However, changing your office location should be manageable. Physicians and relocation specialists have spoken out about how your company can make moving as painless as possible, for instance, by employing moving tips and self storage solutions. You can follow these tips to make your office shift as seamless as possible;

Plan Your Office Shift Early

Several tasks in your company will be pushed back when you move offices. You will also need to consider extensive logistical planning when relocating your office. Ensure you get all the work opportunities by planning and tackling any challenging issues now. It’s not worth it if the process takes more productive time than necessary due to delays and poor planning. Make sure your employees are aware of the move. Also, make necessary arrangements with cleaners, movers, and your landlord. Moving your workplace will be easier if you plan and have some time for yourself before reporting to work.

Explore The Neighborhood Of Your New Location

Your employees probably have set commute times for their morning routines. They also have their favorite cafes and eateries. Consider exploring the area and discussing your findings about the new neighborhood with them. It can relieve them of any worries they may be having. You will make them more comfortable if you prepare them. Find out what events are regularly held in the locality and share that information with them. The best way to do this is by distributing a printed guide, which you can create or obtain from the local business district.

Find A Project Manager To Assist You

You should monitor the relocation process even if it’s not directly related to increasing your company’s revenue. No wonder hiring a project manager is an ideal option. There are several websites where you can employ project managers to help you during relocation. A freelance project manager can help keep your staff and operations running while you change premises. Alternatively, you can hire your team members to support you. However, you will have to pay them more as it is not part of their job description. With competent project management, you can focus on other important things because it takes care of all the haggling.

Clean Your Work Area Thoroughly

Find out the terms of your lease before you leave your current workspace. Some require you to thoroughly clean the work area before moving out to restore it to its original condition. If this is the case, it’s best to hire a reputable cleaning company to perform this task properly.

Once your employees have moved into the new space, you may find some nooks and crannies that need proper cleaning. In this case, you should hire a professional cleaning company before setting everything up. It’s always beneficial to move into a shiny, brand-new workspace. It symbolizes a fresh start that your staff may find rejuvenating.

Hire Reputable Movers

Aside from expert cleaners, hiring professional movers to help you move into your new company building would be helpful. Keep your employees from carrying out the move because it is not their specialty and can lead to damages and injuries. Therefore, finding a competent moving company and hiring them to help you is better. They always have vehicles to transport large and small office equipment, unlike when you do the move yourself. Moving from your old workplace to the new office space will be a breeze. You’ll rest assured knowing your office equipment will arrive safely.

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After choosing a professional moving company, ensure they know when you want to move. Also, your new and old landlords should know the move’s date to ensure everything is in order.

Inform Your Customers About Your New Location

An office move requires more than just physical labor. Please take the appropriate follow-up steps. One important action to take after the relocation is to change your business address. Firstly, you should announce it publicly to all relevant parties through emails, texts and calls. Next, update your address on the company’s website, networking channels, business cards, directories, and other marketing materials. Ensure you update your utility services so your new address can receive the necessary bills.

Office moves can be frustrating, but you can avoid these stressors with careful preparation and collaboration. If you’re better prepared, you’ll have fewer problems to handle. Plus, you can count on professionals to take care of any bumps that may occur along the way. With the above methods, you should have a seamless transition to your new office.