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Our Top Tips For Making TikTok Work For Your Brand

Our Top Tips For Making TikTok Work For Your Brand

TikTok is becoming one of the top brand marketing options for social media. TikTok paid ads brought in $4 billion last year, and TikTok intends to push that up to $12 billion through heavy investment and promotion by the end of 2022.

Almost every major brand is pushing into TikTok, whether through organic promotion of posts, creating their own content, or working with TikTok influencers through short or long-term contracts.

No matter what your brand offers, there are communities on TikTok with varying demographics that your brand can connect with and find benefits.

Work With A TikTok Marketing Agency

TikTok is a huge juggernaut, but the methods used to connect with users differ from many other social media platforms. It’s challenging to jump into a new platform and expect to do well, even if you’re looking to use TikTok paid ads.

Working with a TikTok marketing agency will give your brand the backing it needs from a team of experts in TikTok marketing. Companies like House of Marketers provide complete TikTok campaign management services for brands.

If you decide to go at it alone, you could end up costing yourself a lot of time and money from ineffective content that users don’t engage with.

Jump On Trends Quickly

TikTok has trending sounds and styles of videos that can connect with users and even push your videos to go viral or at least be seen by more people.

If your content strategy on TikTok will include trends, then it’s important you jump on them quickly to stay relevant. Trending videos have users searching for them, so it’s an effective way to draw in new followers or customers if done well.

Some trends may only last a single day, while others may stick around for a few weeks. The longer you wait to post a video related to a trend, the less relevant and connected you will appear.

Brands that try to use trends but use them weeks or months later lose credibility from the TikTok user base. It’s best to get your video out as soon as possible; otherwise, it’s a wasted effort, and if you’re utilizing TikTok paid ads, it can cost you a lot the more often you do it.

Use And Explore The TikTok App

Getting the most out of TikTok requires using it and staying on top of the top performers in your industry or niche. Determine which influencers connect best with the niche of your brand and see what they’re doing to be so successful.

One option is to work with influencers and have them create content for you. This can be done through the TikTok Marketplace or even with a TikTok marketing agency like House of Marketers, which have a curated list of the best performing influencers to connect with different niches or brands.

Your other option is to try and replicate the styles of the top performers in your niche, as they’ve already found what works. You should try to find influencers and top-performing brands that may be your competitors but who are doing well on TikTok.

This becomes even more important when you’re looking to utilize TikTok paid ads, as you want to create the best converting content for your goals. Using the same content or marketing strategies as other social media platforms are likely to perform poorly.

Post Often With Varying Video Formats

All major brands and influencers post at least once per day to stay active on TikTok and engaged by the TikTok algorithm; some brands post 5+ times a day with varying content options to see which type of content their audience prefers to see.

You should be posting once a day; if you can do more, then post more. One of the top tips for posting when you start out on TikTok is to switch up the format you use until you find what your audience prefers and what converts well.

If you’re utilizing TikTok paid ads, then you can post various video formats and styles and see which get the most views or which convert the best based on your goal. If you don’t want to watch the stats of your ads, TikTok can be set up to evaluate and only display the top-performing ads for you, which you can then review.

An Inside Look Into How TikTok Could Attempt to Win Over Influencers

Test Out Video Format Styles

As a new TikTok brand, you should be testing out the different styles and formats of video on TikTok, including things like:

  • Perform TikTok trends
  • Create educational or instructional videos
  • Repost user-generated content, showcasing people using your products
  • Show the behind-the-scenes side of your brand, including talking to employees
  • Create Q&A videos
  • Work with influencers to build custom branded content for you
  • Create skits based on your brand or industry

Brainstorm the potential video formats that could work for your brand; it’s ok to be less serious on TikTok if you stay authentic to your brand. TikTok users will buy products and connect with brands, but their primary goal is to be entertained.

Any of your video styles you create can be implemented into TikTok paid ads, and that may be a good idea once you find the style that organically gets good conversions.

If creating content is not going well or it’s not something your brand is willing to work towards, the best option is to connect with a TikTok marketing agency like House of Marketers to create the content for you based on their experience with your niche.

Have Fun And Stay Authentic

TikTok has a broad demographic available to create content for, but the overall theme of TikTok users is that they want brands to be fun and authentic.

Unlike other social media platforms, which can be purely about showcasing a new product and people deciding to buy or not buy, TikTok users want to see the real side of your brand.

Don’t be afraid to create fun videos that aren’t specifically about selling a product or showcasing your brand, be fun and let users discover you. If doing dance videos isn’t in line with your brand, it’s still possible to create videos that resonate with users.

Consider creating a community around your brand where you help users with problems or discover how to use your products and services in an entertaining and fun way.

Providing value to TikTok users through instructional or informative videos is a highly effective way to engage with TikTok users and increase brand awareness.

Whatever format you use, consider pushing your most popular or engaging video into TikTok paid ads to increase engagement and brand awareness outside of your niche.

What’s The Best Option For TikTok Success?

One of the primary keys to success for your brand on TikTok is experimentation and learning from your mistakes. Keep users entertained or informed for the best results with organic or TikTok paid ads.

If you don’t have the time or patience to work through the process, then the best option will always be getting a TikTok marketing agency, such as House Of Marketers, that will handle your entire TikTok marketing campaign through their many years of experience in all industries.