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Quickly Delete PDF Pages with the Help of PDF Bear

Quickly Delete PDF Pages with the Help of PDF Bear

Are there unnecessary pages on your PDF files that only use space on your drive, or don’t you want other people to see them? You probably continuously scanned documents and saved them digitally as PDF files. Then, there are portions that you need to extract from it? Worry no more because we got you covered. Or should we say PDF Bear got you covered?

PDFBear is a web-based suite specializing in processing PDF files, providing it free of charge and only fast actions, which users can do in a blink of an eye. Likewise, PDF Bear assures its users that they can make PDF files better to render work quickly.

Why PDFBear?

Using PDFBear delete PDF pages web-based tool to remove unwanted pages in PDF files is the best among the rest of the strained tools. Their PDF remover made it easy for us to delete pages that are not needed on our files in a matter of minutes. It is rated 4.5 stars by users, and most of all, it is conducive for first-time users.

Easy to Access Online

PDFBear online tool is easy to access. Users must initially connect any of their devices to the internet and open any internet browser. Proceed to their website, pdfbear.com. Premium account holder and the free user opens the same webpage. Then you can begin using their software online.

Free users are not required to create an account. They can also access all their essential tools and their basic features. Premium account holders, on the other hand, will use their instruments at a cost. But those tools are more advanced. They have to also create an account with them, and every time they use the tools, they need to log-in.

User-Friendly Interface

As you open their simple homepage, you will only see their set of tools or menu of services they deliver. There are no excessive icons and images, only those that are important. There are even no ads darting anywhere. Users will only need to click on the tool they are going to use. In this case, delete pdf pages, and you will be transferred to a different webpage.

The same transpires when you are already on the tool webpage. You will only see the substantial rectangular toolbox. Below are the steps on how to remove the unnecessary PDF pages to guide you. Further down are the features of the tool briefly explained. On the bottom is the smaller version of their free tools offered. That is how friendly their interface is.

Easy to use: Delete PDF Page/(s) Toolbox

Assuming you are on the toolbox webpage, you are set to upload your target files. You have two easy options to do that. First: click the select files button in the middle of the toolbox and choose your files from your drive. The other option is to connect your file wherever they are on your PC, drag them, and drop them anywhere inside the blue toolbox. Easy peasy!

Delete a PDF or PDF Pages Quick

Assuming the pages are already uploaded in the toolbox, you will only need to click the page or pages you want to remove and click the delete icon on top of each page. Once done, click the apply changes on the bottom left corner of the toolbox. The deleting process will start in an instant. Your new PDF file is then ready for download.


Quickly Delete PDF Pages with the Help of PDF Bear

In downloading your new files, you can either save them to your device or your dropbox. Please take note that the speed of PDFBear online tools, including delete PDF pages, depends on two aspects, the file size and internet connection speed. The rule of thumb is, the smaller the file mass, and the faster the internet speed, the quicker the process. That quick!

PDF Delete Pages tool is safe to use

PDFBear website and all the online tools they offer are all safe to use. They have put a high level of safekeeping, so all files are safe on their end. Further, all their tools are automated to always entirely auto-delete files on their server after an hour. Thus, safety is never an issue with them.


Integrated on those five advantages we have enumerated above are the easy steps to delete or remove a PDF page or bunch of PDF in a file. The steps were a few mouse clicks and didn’t eat much of your time. Hence, you can quickly delete PDF pages with the help of PDFBear.