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Rules For Creating A Selling Business Card

Rules For Creating A Selling Business Card

Already have your own business card? Or are you just thinking what it should be and how to create it? After reading the material in this article and then spending 15 minutes working out the concept, you can create a business card that can successfully “sell” you and your company even without involving a third-party marketer. The main thing is to start right after reading!

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Lay The Foundation

Whatever your company does, 3 basic elements must be present on the business card, answering the questions: WHO? WHAT? WHERE?. Therefore, be sure to include your name and position on the business card, the name of the company and contacts for operational communication: phone and e-mail.

Pay attention – it is operational! Therefore, do not write beautiful corporate mail, which you rarely visit; a short number that is often not available. If the client does not get through from the first or second attempt, or does not receive a response by e-mail on the same day, then such a “corporate plus” will play a disadvantage for you.

Assignment 1: Now Take 30 Seconds And Write Down The “Foundation” Of Your Business Card.

Create “Additional Utility”

Do you want the client to keep your business card for a long time? Make it useful FOR HIM. Quite often, a business card becomes a discount card, bringing a certain benefit to the buyer (what the size of this benefit will be is up to you).

And if you make a physically practical and comfortable thing out of it? Try turning the edges of your business card into a ruler. So often she is needed at the most unexpected moment. But what if you made a calendar on the back (to mark the date of your next visit to the hairdresser)? Or a place to write parameters (for a sewing studio)? Or indications of an ophthalmological examination (for an optician’s salon)? As you can see, there are a lot of options.

You can choose an even more useful option (however, more expensive) and add a flash drive to your business card. In this case, you can be sure that such a business card will stay in the bag of its owner for a long time. In this case, use its potential to the maximum: if you work in the B2B segment, be sure to upload a company presentation to it.

What if your clients are individuals and the presentation is not interesting for them? Think of something that will become a source of new knowledge or emotions for them, thereby leaving an extremely positive opinion of you.

Assignment 2: Come Up With Three Useful Features That Might Appear On Your Business Card.

Write A Call To Action!

A call to action is one of the main tools of a sales manager. It increases the likelihood that your company will be chosen from among many competitors by 25%. Create a simple but original stimulant that will push the client to call, write, or find out more information about you.

Start your call with an imperative verb (get it for free, find out more information on the website, read this article to the end), but don’t just stop there.

Create a benefit in the appeal not for yourself, but for the client (Do not “call the specified phone number”, but “sign up for a convenient time on the specified phone number”)!

Be short, don’t use more than 16 words, or nobody else will read it!